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Everything Great

I desperately want to quit today so it’s probably a good time to list EVERYTHING I like about all three sports:


* It’s only 1.2 of 70.3 miles.

* I love being in the water.  There’s something incredibly soothing and appealing about being immersed in water.

* It’s incredibly low impact and takes virtually no leg power.  Such a nice break for quads, hammies, and glutes.

* I feel kind of sexy in my wetsuit.  Like Catwoman (if cats liked water)!





* Cycling is kind of….easy.  I mean, I have definitely SUFFERED on hills and in spin classes but you can basically go for a really, really, really long time and not feel that bad.  At the end of this weekend’s 50 miles, my hip flexors were ready to be done but it was nothing compared to running for multiple hours.

* To that end, I woke the morning after 50 miles and wasn’t sore.  AMAZING.  #NoImpactNoProblems

* When you ride outside, you don’t overheat because it’s so nice and breezy!

* When you ride downhill, you don’t have to do anything!

* You can eat food and not get all barfy!

* You get to zip by all the suckers who are out on foot and forgot their moving machines!

I forgot "looks cool." Because it doesn't "look cool."

I forgot “looks cool.” Because it doesn’t “look cool.”


* It’s cheap.  Shoes.  Gu.  Done.

* You can walk.  Or sit down.  It’s a very easy sport to calibrate.

* Nothing feels as badass as sprinting.

* Finishing a hard run and being flooded with endorphins is super satisfying.

Yeah, that's awesome.

Yeah, that’s awesome.

And I guess there’s that whole “satisfaction of pushing out of your comfort zone and seeing a goal through to completion” thing…..

What’s your favorite of the big three?  Favorite aspect of each sport?



A Good Day

Today I ran 9 miles and then took a great and intense Dailey Method class.  It felt awesome.  I felt strong, energized, confident.

I felt like myself.

I needed this.

Tomorrow is the beginning of week SIXTEEN of training for Augusta 70.3.  I have no idea how to articulate how it’s been going.  How about a good old Pro/Con list in the form of Good/Bad:


* No injuries.  Today’s 9 miler was an important test.  I haven’t run that far since the marathon almost a year ago.  It was the 9 mile run during training for the curs-ed Oakland Running Festival where my ITB, knee, and hamstring collectively voted NO.  I’ve been more consistent this training cycle but I have missed some long runs.  I’m very relieved to know that my legs are holding up, especially at a faster pace.

I am super fit.  I am, without a doubt, in the best shape of my life.  I’m very satisfied with my “easy” and “moderate” paces.  They’re considerably faster in all three sports than ever before.  I’m not pushing them much because it’s all about going looooong these days.  Still, I’m noticing fitness gains and that always feels nice.

My mental endurance is improving.  Today’s 9 miler was with a podcast.  Yes, I still had some distraction but I did not require thumping music to motivate each step.  Mentally and physically, I was chill.  Just moving forward.  I’ve listened to podcasts during most of my epically long trainer rides and have been sufficiently entertained.  This is really important as I will not have music during the actual race.  Here’s hoping that the other racers, crowd support, and focusing on nutrition will be enough to get me out of my head.

I’ve really figured out the food thing.  I’m eating enough, not too much.  Eating almost completely “clean” which for me means no gluten, very little dairy, very few processed foods.  Minimal food rewards.  I’ve maintained my slightly-reduced weight within 5 lbs for the last four months.  It feels really good.  Last year, during marathon training, it was way too easy to justify ice cream and pizza as pre-long run loading or post-long run recovery.  Not this time!

I am completely in love with indoor cycling.  It is one of my favorite thing EVAR and I wouldn’t have discovered it had I not been required to cycle so much.  Give me pumping music and a gnarly hill climb.  I am happy.  I am so looking forward to spinning my ass off for forever and ever after training is done.

I am doing a whole lot of workouts.  I have not done every single workout on my plan but let’s save that for the other list.  I HAVE done many, many, many, many workouts.  I’ve hardly missed a single cycling workout.  I’ve missed some runs but not enough to derail a safe ramp-up, as demonstrated today.  I have swum many times.  Best news: I’ve managed 2-4 Dailey Method classes per week, in addition to teaching several a week.  I maintain that the strengthening and lengthening of TDM keeps me injury-free and sane.

There’s another list to write but today is a good day.  Let’s leave it there. 😀

How have your summer workouts been going?  What’s on your good list??

Are We There Yet?

Yesterday, I did my……….


Remember how I registered for a Half-Ironman? Thaaaaaaaaaat…

I’m currently getting back in shape and training for the Oakland Half but honestly, the finish line I see during every tough workout is Augusta.

A few months ago, one of my fellow See Jane Run ambassadors, the lovely Tara, loaned me her trainer.  I finally learned how to put it on last week and yesterday morning I ventured down to the basement for my inaugural ride to nowhere!

It took me a bit of jimmying but eventually the bike fit securely into the trainer.  I have nothing to compare it to but my borrowed Travel Trac feels secure and looks to retail for under $200, in case anyone is in the market.  It’s not super noisy but loud enough that I preferred to use headphones while watching Netflix.

I figured one episode of What Not to Wear would be a good first ride, about 45 minutes.  I regularly do 45 or hour long rides at the gym but my own bike is quite a bit harder.  I loved it!  Being able to use my own gears and become one with my own seat is fantastic.  I’ve been riding a bike for exactly one year so I still have a long way to go in building confidence and comfort.  I think spending time on the trainer is really going to help with that, especially once I put my clipless pedals on.  Yeah, that’s happening.

The bike is so deceptively challenging!  I was sweaty and my heart rate was up a bit but it didn’t feel like a killer workout.  Then I went to Dailey Method and couldn’t do ANYTHING.  I came down to my knees in every plank sequence!  I don’t think that happened in the very first class I took!  Thigh work was impossible and by the final set of high c-curve abdominal work, I could barely hold my body up in space.  Dang, bike!

So naturally, I refuled.  With pork belly.



What are your favorite trainer workouts and tips?  Intervals? Cool one-leg drills?  Lay ’em on me!

Twas the Night Before Tri and a GIVEAWAY!

Remember when I used to swim and bike, in addition to running like a madwoman?

See Shauna Tri!

See Shauna Tri!

That sure was a lot of fun!  In fact, one of the things I’m most looking forward to when the marathon is completed is getting back on the bike and into the pool.

Anyone who participates in any of the three sports, let alone all of the three sports (back to back!) knows that there is a LOT of gear involved.  While I’m no expert triathlete, I can confidently say that one of the most essential skills is organization.  The last thing you want is to discover that you’ve forgotten an essential component as you’re setting up your transition area.

Or LEAVING transition.  Gloves: Check.  Bike: Check.  Helmet: ACK!

Or LEAVING transition. Gloves: Check. Bike: Check. Helmet: ACK!

Here are some tips for having a smooth, organized race.

* Set up your transition area and practice transitioning.  This will GREATLY improve your confidence, comfort and speed on race day.  Your fiancé will definitely not laugh at you.
Bonus points for wearing your goggles in the living room.

Bonus coins for wearing your goggles in the living room.

* Make a list.  Check it twice.



* As you put the items into your bag, check them off on the list.  This prevents you from becoming paranoid, taking out things as you double-check and then leaving them at home.

It's all there.  DON'T TOUCH IT.

It’s all there. DON’T TOUCH IT.

* When you arrive at the race site, set up your transition area exactly as you’ve practiced.  

* Smile, breathe, and (dolphin)kick booty.  Repeat on bike and run.

Want an opportunity to practice these skills?  Well, I’ve got the perfect late season tri for you!

Wait, these caps are SO CUTE.

Wait, these caps are SO CUTE.

My favorite running store: See Jane Run (for which I am a proud ambassador) is presenting a SPRINT TRIATHLON at Shadow Cliffs in Pleasanton on October 5th.  

I can’t tell you how much I would love to participate in this event.  If I weren’t doing another, endurance event the next day in another state (ahem, I’MRUNNINGAMARATHON), I would be there in a heartbeat!  See Jane Run’s races are wonderfully positive and fun.  Shadow Cliffs is a great place for a beginner and experienced athletes alike.  Since I can’t race, I’d love to give YOU  the opportunity to race!

To win a FREE RACE ENTRY to the See Jane Run Sprint Triathlon on 10/5, all you gotta do is answer this question:

What’s your favorite night before the race ritual or activity?

I will pick a winner at random on Monday 9/29.  There is not a lot of turnaround time so clear your calendar and stock up on Gu just in case!  I know a great store where you can get it…. 😀







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RACE RECAP – California Sprint Triathlon

I’ve noticed a very clear pattern after a whopping two triathlons:

In the days before the race I’m stressed and anxious.

The morning of the race I’m excited and happy.

During the race I’m demoralized in the swim, joyful on the bike, spent on the run.

After the race I’m ecstatic and proud.


Since it was a Saturday race, I worked the day before.  It was actually really nice to have several students on Friday.  They distracted me from the stressful ticker of “what if’s” that was scrolling through my brain.  It was reeeeeally warm in the area I was teaching and was upgraded to HadesHot when I went to pick up my packet in Pleasanton.  Yikes, is this what we have to look forward to tomorrow?  I made sure to hydrate well throughout the day and actually chose water over Diet Coke.

Oh!  You thought I was exaggerating!

Oh! You thought I was exaggerating!

Packet pickup was smooth and I was home by 6:30.  Small bowl of pasta with tomato sauce and about a cup of Ben and Jerry’s Milk and Cookies.  I debated this one long and hard.  I realized after last week’s long run that all my best workouts have been the day after I’ve had cookies and cream ice cream!  No, that is not a joke.  I know dairy isn’t the best idea for your digestive system but it seems to have a proven record of success.  This is pretty risky behavior for me but Tim gave me his stamp of approval and claimed all accountability if something went wrong.  Excellent.

I used the same spreadsheet system as last time.  I check off the items as they go in the bag.  No exceptions.  This way I don’t feel the need to obsessively double check and repack, as I would doubtless leave something out during the repacking.  I can be a little…..scattered when I’m anxious.  Packed, fed and asleep by about 9:30.  Perfect!

I slept well but still wanted to Hulk SMASH my phone when it started chirping at 5:10.  That is a really not cute hour for me.  Anyone else?  Spent quite a bit of time in the bathroom cursing my decision to have dairy.  Eventually I had my first (and most necessary) success of the day and I felt immediately more relaxed.  I tend to have urgent tummy issues when my heart rate is elevated.  The pre-workout evac is really essential, especially when I know it’s going to be hot outside.  Probably enough on that subject.

In another risky move, I chose to wear a brand new tri suit that I hadn’t worn in a single workout.  Yes, I am fully aware that that the cardinal rule of racing is do not do/wear/eat/say/look at anything new on race day.  Thing is, this is the first big outing for my beloved Oakland Triathlon Club and I really wanted to represent.  My singlet didn’t arrive until FRIDAY and I chose rest over a workout in the new threads.  I wasn’t crazy about the fit at my neck but I glided the heck out of myself and hoped for the best.

Fresh.  To.  Death.

Fresh. To. Death.

On the beautiful drive from Oakland to Pleasanton, I listened to my favorite pump-up songs and got a little verklempt.  This training cycle has been full of SO many new experiences and challenges.  I felt proud, regardless of what happened on the course.

Arrived at the race site and OTC was in full-effect.  We had a sweet tent and Chris (president) and one of the members, Z, were there to put on race number tattoos and give high fives.  In the days before the race, I felt a little nervous about the idea of so many club members being there.  Rationally, I knew they didn’t know anything about my fitness level or goals but the performer in me wanted to impress.  Ultimately, it was really fun and nice to have their support and I met some great new people!



We had a rack in very back of transition, near the run out but faaaaar from the swim in and bike out.  I got my stuff set up and explained some stuff to a guy next to me doing his first race.  I say this without any sarcasm: I really admire people who can show up to something like a triathlon and know literally nothing about what they’re supposed to do.  I could use a big dose of that fearlessness.  I hope he had a great day!

The day was already warming up.  Transition closed and almost everyone made their way into the water, regardless of their wave, to cool down.  I made friends with two really sweet girls (Hi Dana and Lauren!) who were doing their first tri.  We waded and chatted, reassuring each other as we headed to the start.  It was time to GET IT.

Swim (0.5 mi / 19:56)

The course always looks so far when you're standing on the beach.

The course always looks so far when you’re standing on the beach.

Two big yellow buoys.  Swim to the first one.  Turn left.  Swim to the next one.  Turn left.  Swim home.

I don’t have a ton to report here.  Swimming is hard.  In the moment, it felt demoralizing to see swimmers get further and further away from me every time I sighted.  I tried to push those negative thoughts out of my mind and just focus on the fact that each time I looked up, the buoys were closer than before!  I wasn’t nearly as robbed of breath as I was in the Mermaid Tri.  I breathed more frequently and switched to breast stroke many more times than I’d have liked but it was what I needed to do.  During the swim, I didn’t feel awesome but in retrospect, it was a VAST improvement over my first, much shorter swim.  Those sessions with Velia really boosted my confidence and ability.  Must do that much more.  It would be great to feel STRONG during a swim but hey, at least I didn’t get kicked in the face!

T1 (4:37)

This was a SHITSHOW.  I tried to get the top half of my wetsuit off on my way into transition but I was still struggling as I got aaaaaaalllll the way back to my bike.  Then I couldn’t get the bottom half off.  It would not BUDGE off my left leg.  It took a good minute for me to realize that I hadn’t removed my stupid timing chip.  When will they just implant us with a microchip?!  GAHHHHHH.  Finally got the wetsuit off, everything else on (including HELMET) and took a bolt chew.  I guzzled as much water as I could stand, knowing that I would be riding 14 miles in the heat without any additional hydration.

So, as if the wetsuit nonsense wasn’t bad enough, I was about to experience my second biggest triathlon fear.  Okay, third behind death and public defecation.

Collision Tweet

OH. MY. GOD.  Yeah, it was congested around the bike mount and I didn’t quite have my footing.  I’m NOT great at pushing off when there are people close to me.  I wobbled into the dude very close to my left and he fell over.  FUUUUUUUUUUUUU*K.  I felt HORRIBLE, obviously.  But apparently not horrible enough to actually help him up?!  I apologized profusely and asked if he was okay but then I was off.  In the moment, that seemed appropriate.  In retrospect, I feel like a pretty terrible person for not helping him up.  Oh and the look on the faces of the Oakland Tri Club folks who were literally 5 feet away from this assault?  Yeah, it took me about 4 miles to get over it.

Bike (13 miles questionable / 44:40 / 17.4 mph):

THE BIKE WAS AWESOME.  I pedaled my butt off.  I didn’t eat shit on any of the many u-turns.  I geared appropriately for both of the major climbs.  I PEDALED ON DESCENTS AND HIT 26 MPH FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.

I was fearless.  It was amazing.

More, faster, better, NOWPLEASE.

The only thing I would change about this ride (besides the convoluted and SHORT course) was learning how to drink on the damn bike.  I had a fantastic ride but by the time I was done, I felt like my mouth was full of sand.  PARCHED.

As you can imagine, I was pretty nervous about the dismount.  Thankfully, there weren’t any humiliating incidents when I dismounted.  Phew.  And Yay.

T2 (1:05):  Lots of water.  Visor.  Go.  Forgot Garmin.  Don’t go back.  Forgot to take off glasses (ugh).  Don’t go back.  RUN AND DONE.

Run (3.1 mi / 31:57 / 10:17 avg)

So, when a race website advertises a “fast and flat bike course!” and doesn’t say anything about the run, you might be in for some unexpected challenges.  Like a trail run with constant hills.  Add 90 degree heat with no shade and you’ve really got a party going.

All my time goals went out the window.  Since I was Garminless, I decided to run by feel and just get by.  Coming upon the first hill, I made the decision not to walk, as many were.  I made this decision for every single hill on the course.  I only paused at the two water stations to pour a cup over my head and drink another.  I felt like I was shuffling at a snails pace because my breath was under control and my body felt really good.  It was easy to thank every single volunteer standing out there in the sun.  I asked a couple if they were jealous.  I’m pretty sure they weren’t.  Throughout the run, I knew I had a lot more in me but I was completely zapped of any competitive urge.  I wasn’t interested in pushing myself.  I just wanted to finish strong.

After many, many, many more hills, I cruised down to the beach and into the chute!  I picked up my pace to the sprintiest strides I could muster and with a HUGE smile on my face, crossed the finish line!

Thumbs. UP.

Thumbs. UP.


AG: 16/38

Gender: 108/221

Overall: 300/507

And how did my times compare to my goals?

Swim goal: 20:00 ……. Swim time: 19:56

Beat by 4 seconds!  Phew!

T1 goal: 2:30 …… T1 time: 4:37

Absolute debacle.  I mean, learning experience.

Bike goal: 52:00 /16.15 mph (based on advertised 14 mile course) …… Bike time: 44:40 / 17.4 mph (based on questionable 13 mile course.  May have been even shorter.)


T2 goal: 1:30 ….. T2 time: 1:05.

Atta girl!

Run goal: 30:00 …… Run time: 31:57

Abandoned goal due to heat and course.  A great run for me under those conditions.  Had I known, I would have made 35 min my goal.

The post-race party was fun.  It took me several bottles of water before I could choke down an orange slice but the burritos looked good.  For someone else.  I hung around for awhile to watch several of the OTC-ers in the awards ceremony!  We had three folks on the podium, including third overall!  So inspiring!  HUGE thanks to all the awesome Oakland Tri Club folks, especially Chris Van Luen.  Whattaguy!

OTC Badass Ladies!

OTC Badass Ladies!

And thank YOU for reading another endless recap!

Overall, it was a fantastic experience.  Triathlon is hard but the finish line feels SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.

Onward and Upward!

Onward and Upward!

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Swim: 0.5 miles – 20:00 (2:35/100m)

T1 – 2:30

Bike: 14 miles – 52:00 (16.15 mph)

T2 – 1:30

Run: 3.1 miles – 30:00 (9:40 mm)




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Last night looked like this:


Rainy AND muggy!  Delightful!

If I didn’t have a date with my lovely training partner, I can’t say I would have trekked to Pleasanton in the rain for another intimidatingly long swim.  But I did, so I did.

I arrived at drizzly, muggy Shadow Cliffs and suited up.  Had a couple of whiny “oh shit, this is gonna be haaaaaard again” moments as we made our way to the water.  This time I brought my Garmin so I would have some sense of what to expect this weekend.

The first lap was miserable.  I really wish I could get the hang of swimming more slowly.  I’m definitely not fast but I feel like I’m in zone 3 right off the bat.  I would love to cruise like I do at the beginning of a run and then pick up the pace once I’m warmed up.  I’ve gotten the hang of that in the pool but not in open water just yet.

Last week, I counted down the lengths from 8.  That is much easier for my spirit to handle when I’m struggling.  Around the halfway point, I found a rhythm and even felt strong for about a lap.  I lost that momentum at the turnaround but had some success when I breathed every other stroke and sighted every fourth.  Ideally, I would breathe every fourth stroke and sight every eighth but that requires my heart rate to be much lower than it was.

The last two laps were empowering.  Up until that point, two sides of my mind had been bickering nonstop.

You can’t do this.  This is really, really not good.  Should you drop out of this tri?!


With 200 meters left, the voices calmed down and I just kept swimming, just kept swimming to the end.

Just before I finished, I heard a beep and felt a buzzing.  You all (who have a Garmin) know what that means…

Did I just swim a fucking mile?  Wait a minute.  What is going on?

Velia looked smooth and strong the entire time and we finished within seconds of each other.  As I caught my breath, I told her that my watch indicated that we had swum a mile.  I was wearing it on my wrist so I knew it could be off but I didn’t think it would be nearly half a mile long.

“You know…” she said pointing to the buoy at the midpoint “….I think that might be 100 meters.  These lengths feel way longer than 100.”

I agreed and the idea that we could have potentially been swimming longer than we thought was definitely appealing.  I decided to measure the distance from the end of the lap lane to the mid-point buoy with my Garmin in my swim cap (much more reliable).

I swam as straight as possible and it measured 274 feet.

We rinsed off and anxiously Googled the feet to meters conversion.  She’s an artist and I’m a singer.  What do you want from us? 

84 meters.

Upon discovering that we had been swimming SIGNIFICANTLY LONGER than we thought, we freaked out.  At that point, we thought it was double which blew our minds.  Let me tell you, I felt a lot better about those lung busting 800 meter swims when I found out they weren’t.  Many hugs and lots of glee.  It was an enormous confidence infusion for both of us.  We stood in the rain trying to wrap our brains around the race distances that now feel so possible.  Like, maybe this season possible.

When I got home, I did some fruitless googling and then found the measuring tool on Google maps.  150 meters per length.

That 800?  It was 1200.  In 28 minutes.  Okay!!

That 1000 meters I did last week?  1500.  Olympic Tri Distance!!!

And so now, I’m predictably going race insane.  I’ve already registered for some fun running events, after my majorly confidence boosting 8 mile run.  Starting to have some Oly thoughts…..Need to think but later today I’ll share more in my Truthy Tuesday post.

Can I give a big internet high five to my amazing training partner, Velia?  This girl is awesome.  Strong, ambitious, and enthusiastic.  After only a few workouts, I am beyond grateful to share this with her.

Let me tell ya, we’ve got some plans….

CA Sprint Tri Training – Week Eleven

Well, this will be a short post since I did next to nothing this week.

And feeling absolutely great about that, if my tone didn’t indicate such.  <——sarcasm.

Monday 6/17 – Rest

Much needed.  Last week was intense and my body was feeling telling me all about it.  I was also mojoless.

Tuesday 6/18 – Swim, Bike, Run

Not in that order.  40 easy minutes (11 miles) on the gym bike.  Don’t remember this at all but that’s what workout tracking is for, no?

In the evening, I met up with my awesome training buddy Velia for a swim and run.  It was time to tackle 800 meters in open water to prove to myself that I could do it.  I did it.  It was not pretty though I was pretty miserable (see what I did there?  HAR!)  I’m not sure it did much to build my confidence for this weekend’s race.  I was glad to complete the distance but my enthusiasm for this event is disturbingly non-existent.  More on that when I get truthy tomorrow.  Unlike myself, Velia had a phenomenal swim.  She actually added on an extra 200 meters at the end which scared the SHIT out of me because I thought I had miscounted and only done 600.  When she came back, before even congratulating her on being a waterbeast, I yelled “PLEASE TELL ME YOU ADDED DISTANCE.”  She did.  And well done, girl.  You rock.

THIS gorgeous place?!

THIS gorgeous place?!

We finished the evening with a lovely short run.  Muuuuuuch cooler than the 5 miles we did over the weekend.  It’s so nice to have a friend to chat with while running.  I get why everyone else does that.

Wednesday – Rest 

Not sure why.  Tired from the day before?  Enthusiasmless and lazy?  I have a vague recollection of burying my head in a blanket every time I saw “BRICK” on my calendar.  Switched it to Thursday morning, before my flight.

Thursday – Rest/Travel

Tried to swim before my flight to Seattle.  8 million people in and around the pool.  Literally.

Should have run and didn’t.

Way to get the most out of your last week before taper, Shauna Beth!  <——– bitter sarcasm

Friday – Run, Walk

3 easy miles from my dad’s place in Queen Anne down to the waterfront.  Easy, that is, until the STEEP hill back to the house.  If I wanted to gain 200 feet in a quarter mile, I could have just stayed home.  Thanks.  I did get gorgeous photos though!

I was wearing orange so pretend that's me!

I was wearing orange so pretend that’s me!

More pictures of this run and tasty treats here.

Later in the day, my dad and I took a long walk around his neighborhood.  He’s only a week out of vascular surgery so I’m really proud of him for getting back into his exercise routine.  He also tracks his food in MyFitnessPal.  He’s got an awesome goal of losing 60lbs by his 60th birthday at the end of September.  GO DAD!  LIVE FOREVER PLEASE!

I also tried to go to Flywheel and was cockblocked by traffic.  Again, could have stayed home if I just wanted traffic to ruin my plans.

Saturday – Flywheel Fail #2

Unbelievable.  RnR Seattle was on Saturday and the finish line was a few blocks from my parents’ condo.  Since there was a half and a full marathon, the road closures were in effect most of the day.  We planned for this and left for Flywheel way early.  Only to discover that we were on the wrong side of a major street and wouldn’t be able to get back around in time.  It became clear that the universe was protecting me from something terrible that would have happened had I made it to spinning.  Thanks, bruh.

Sunday – Run


I was nooooooot feeling this run.  It was overcast.  I am up about 8 million pounds. (Same number as the people at the pool on Thursday!  What a coincidence!)

Gave myself the out of doing a short run and pushing my LSD to today.  I figured I’d see how it felt and maybe go long.  I didn’t bring any water or eat any breakfast since I ran out of Larabars and still had a Shishkaberry in my system.

So shishy.

So shishy.

I took the same route down to the water from Queen Anne but this time I went to the left.  I ran along the water, past all the touristy stuff.  There were tons of folks disembarking from a cruise and I had to do a little parkour over and around them.  I kept a cruisy pace (around 10:20) and felt amazing.  I had to stop briefly for some weird pain in my right toes but after stretching, they felt fine.  When I got back to the pedestrian bridge where I’d turned left, I was at 4 miles.  Adding another 1.5 out and back would get me to the 7 on my plan and by far the longest distance since tendonitis.  Aaaaaaand, I wouldn’t even have to run the nasty hill back home!

EXCEPT I DID BECAUSE I HAVE MOJO!  By mile 6, my legs were pretty heavy.  I was ready to stop but as I approached the bridge, I thought I would just go to the end of that.  And then I kept running up the steep ass hill!  Honestly, I had been tracking a few women who were racing Ironman Coeur d’Alene and I seriously thought to myself that if they could do an Ironman, I could keep running for another couple minutes.  I imagined it was the gnarly hill at mile 17 of the Portland Marathon and pushed!  Added almost an additional mile to my plan and finished without any foot pain.


So, I may not fully have my tri mojo but clearly I’m ready and stoked for marathon training.  Just gotta do a little more timed swimming, biking, and running this weekend before I can emotionally close out this training cycle.  If it sounds like I’m not into triathlon, that’s totally not the case.  I’m not into this training cycle any more.  Cool thing is….it’s RACE WEEK!


CA Sprint Tri Training – Weeks Nine and Ten

Race week!  Then another peaky week!

Monday 6/3 – Rest 

Lots of race week panic energy!

Tuesday 6/4  – Swim

800 meters straight.  Around the middle, I switched to breast for a lap but otherwise it was just nice, strong freestyle!  Completed it in 19 minutes.  If I could do that on 6/29 in open water, that would be awesome kthnx!

Wednesday 6/5 – Brick

Last brick before Mermaid Tri and it was amazing!  This was the workout with the miraculous run that gave me my mojo back!  Before that, I had an easy loop of Bay Farm Island with some gnarly wind.  Par for the course.  And actually, there is a golf course.  I’m rambling.  It’s because I’m watching Princesses of Long Island while I’m writing this.  They’re phenomenal.

Thursday 6/6 – Rest!

Friday 6/7 – More rest!  And lots of transition practice!

Practice makes leave your helmet in transition!

Practice makes leave your helmet in transition!

Saturday 6/8 – SEE JANE RUN 5k



#triathlete #verklempt

#triathlete #verklempt

Monday 6/11 – Rest and Decompress

I was pretty sore and emotionally spent.  I felt a bit negative about having to continue training immediately after such a successful race.  I took this day to reflect and prepare to get my head back in the game and more importantly in the pool the next day.  I also foam rolled several times.  It hurt.

Tuesday 6/12 – Run, Swim

Oh yeah, I’m training for a marathon!  My long run schedule has been all screwed up due to my pre-Mermaid taper week and last weekend’s races.  Every article and book I read says WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T SKIP YOUR LONG RUNS.  Probably good advice and really stressing me out.  I juggled things around and did 5 miles.  It was my longest run post-tendonitis and felt great.  It was very slow, exactly as it’s supposed to be!

During the swim portion of the Mermaid tri, I thought several times about the 770 meters CST swim.  The most dreaded words “I can’t do that” sadly came into my mind.  When I left that race, I knew I was going to have to spend a lot of time in the water before 6/29.  I planned to do 1200 (800, 400) but at the end of the 800, I had a massive dehydration headache that caused me to hurl in the Home Depot parking lot.  That happened.  But at least the swim happened first.

Wednesday 6/12 – Cycle, Swim

Shitty ride.  I was having a lot of anxiety and didn’t want to be on my bike.  Nope, nope, nope.

The swim was awesome though!  Yes, I characterized a swim as awesome!  12 x 100 and each felt stronger than the last.  Except I apparently left my suit in the gym shower because when I went to pack it up for Saturday’s swim clinic, it was nowhere to be found.  Dammit.

Thursday 6/13 – Brick

I was having a super shitty day and just could not deal with getting on my bike again.  Broke my “no gym bricks” rule (again) and did 45 minutes on the bike (16 miles) followed by 3 slow miles on the treadmill.  I was still dehydrated from the day before but got through the workout strongly.  Also, my dad had vascular surgery that went wonderfully.  PHEW.

This guy.  Safe and sound!

This guy. Safe and sound!

Friday 6/14 – Walk

I’m trying to transition into my marathon training plan without jumping up too far in mileage.  It’s time to go from 3 to 4 days a week and since I also added in a long run this week and the five miler, I opted to do one walk.  I met up with my lovely friend Marissa of the Dirty 30Something podcast for a walk and delicious Greek food.  Best gyro meat I’ve ever had is at Ikaros on Grand Ave. in Oakland.  So delicious.

Saturday 6/15 – Cycle

This.  Ride.  Sucked.

It was so friggin windy.  My feelings about cycling literally change with the wind.  When it’s PUSHING ME, I HATE IT.  As soon as the wind is still or at my back, I absolutely love riding.  At one point, I passed “Dance 10” studio and spent the rest of the ride singing selections from Chorus Line. First in my head.  Eventually out loud.  As I said, it was a tough ride.

Sunday 6/16 – Swim, Run

AWESOME day.  Met up with a new training buddy for a swim at Shadow Cliffs.  We swam 600 meters in the lake and followed it up with a HOT 5 mile run.  I’m going to write a more detailed post about this workout so I’ll just say it was awesome.  I needed 6.5 miles for marathon training so after a relaxing day (and a replacement swimsuit purchase, ughhhh), I ran a couple miles in the evening.  Pretty rad.

A very good couple weeks.  First tri and then a strong, if reluctant training week.

How was your week, dear reader?