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Halfway Swag

I’m officially into my 10th week of half marathon training!

At the halfway point, things are going beautifully. My pace is getting faster naturally, which is quite the nice surprise. I’m learning more about my body, breathing, nutritional needs, mental and physical capabilities. It’s clear that stretching and strength training are essential. Dailey Method continues to be my cross training of choice. The attention to alignment, the stretching sequences, and obviously the fantastic strength training are exactly what I need right now.

To celebrate yesterday’s 8 mile run (I loooooooooove saying that!), I headed to REI for some overdue running swag.

n00b runner Christmas!

I’m beginning to feel the last 9 weeks of running accumulating in my body. Nothing major, just tensions and tightness here and there. My left ITB always seems to need extra stretching. I’ve also observed some lower back discomfort and tightness in my left hamstring. I stretch before and after runs and on off days but I figure it was time to bite the bullet and try this whole foam rolling thing!

He helps me.

I watched some of Runner’s World’s videos on YouTube before mounting my new foam friend. Dude was on hand to photograph.

Hey! This kind of hurts quite a bit!

It was definitely a little uncomfortable on my quads and left ITB. Afterwards, I couldn’t believe how mushy and loose my legs felt! Where has this BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!

I also replaced my ratty, ripped to shreds iPod case with one that’s actually designed for an iPhone. My old case has fallen apart to the point where I have to hold it in my hand so my iPhone doesn’t fall out the bottom. I’ve become accustomed to holding it to check my pace (no Garmin in the shopping bag, sadly). I may hold my new case unless I’m on a long run and want to use my handheld water bottle.


What’s on your athletic wishlist? Any tips on foam rolling? What runner swag can’t you live without?