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Things I’m Loving (Hang on to Honeymoon Edition)

Riding the wave of having the mental space to write!

In my blog absence, I took a very special trip to Hawaii.  Yep, HONEYMOON!


Forever please.

I always enjoy blog posts where people share books, products, foods, and entertainment they’re loving.  Here are some things I’m loving that remind me of our wonderful week on Maui:

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt:

The Goldfinch

I flew through this rich novel poolside.  I didn’t realize that it was massive because a. I read it on my Kindle and b. the plot unfolded at a steady pace.  I was surprised to learn that people either loved it or hated it.  I suppose that’s to be expected; It won the Pulitzer for fiction which surely invites deeper scrutiny.  I loved it.

Available through your preferred bookseller.

Alba Botanica Pineapple Enzyme Facial Scrub and Jasmine and Vitamin E Moisture Cream:

Alba ScrubAlba Cream


Between sunscreen, sun exposure, and lots of salty sweat, my skin has been pretty terrible this summer.  Browsing Whole Foods, I found these products that smelled just like honeymoon (!) and featured mostly natural ingredients and don’t include parabens.  I think that’s a thing that people don’t want touching their face?  I’ve been using these products for a couple weeks and I’m enjoying them.  Nothing revolutionary but my skin feels much cleaner, tighter and a bit brighter!

Available all over the place.  Whole Foods, Drugstores, Internets…

You Made It Weird Podcast:


My friend, Pete.


I love podcasts.  I discovered You Made it Weird through one of my other favorites, The Nerdist. Both are hosted by comics (Pete Holmes and Chris Hardwick, respectively) and feature long-form conversations with interesting guests.  Most of Pete’s guests are fellow comics, many being close friends who give him endless shit and gamely participate in conversations about art, sex, and religion.  A highly entertaining place to start would be the episodes with his close friend Chelsea Peretti.

The Nerdist features amazing guests in a slightly less personal format.  Chris Hardwick is a huge fan of many of my favorite shows (Mad Men and Breaking Bad) and frequently interviews their creators and actors.  He’s had some unbelievable guests.  The Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Vince Gilligan, Matthew Weiner, and Aaron Paul episodes are some of my favorites.

I clearly need to do an entire post on podcasts.  Stay tuned.



NOM.  Poke is simply fresh raw fish, onion and some type of marinade.  Think Hawaiian tartare.  I buy a pound of ahi tuna from Whole Foods or Tokyo Fish Market, cut into large cubes and toss with thinly sliced white onion, green onion, soy sauce, sesame oil, and a bit of chopped garlic.  We ate tons of poke in Hawaii and it was beyond delicious.  It’s very easy to recreate at home and healthy as well!

Anne Burrell’s Poke Recipe

How to Make a Poke Bowl Like a Local

What’s your favorite way to escape back into vacation mode?  Share it in the comments!  Aloha!