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Everything Great

I desperately want to quit today so it’s probably a good time to list EVERYTHING I like about all three sports:


* It’s only 1.2 of 70.3 miles.

* I love being in the water.  There’s something incredibly soothing and appealing about being immersed in water.

* It’s incredibly low impact and takes virtually no leg power.  Such a nice break for quads, hammies, and glutes.

* I feel kind of sexy in my wetsuit.  Like Catwoman (if cats liked water)!





* Cycling is kind of….easy.  I mean, I have definitely SUFFERED on hills and in spin classes but you can basically go for a really, really, really long time and not feel that bad.  At the end of this weekend’s 50 miles, my hip flexors were ready to be done but it was nothing compared to running for multiple hours.

* To that end, I woke the morning after 50 miles and wasn’t sore.  AMAZING.  #NoImpactNoProblems

* When you ride outside, you don’t overheat because it’s so nice and breezy!

* When you ride downhill, you don’t have to do anything!

* You can eat food and not get all barfy!

* You get to zip by all the suckers who are out on foot and forgot their moving machines!

I forgot "looks cool." Because it doesn't "look cool."

I forgot “looks cool.” Because it doesn’t “look cool.”


* It’s cheap.  Shoes.  Gu.  Done.

* You can walk.  Or sit down.  It’s a very easy sport to calibrate.

* Nothing feels as badass as sprinting.

* Finishing a hard run and being flooded with endorphins is super satisfying.

Yeah, that's awesome.

Yeah, that’s awesome.

And I guess there’s that whole “satisfaction of pushing out of your comfort zone and seeing a goal through to completion” thing…..

What’s your favorite of the big three?  Favorite aspect of each sport?



And we’re off!

It begins!

Where ARE WE?

Where ARE WE?

After absolutely CRUSHING yesterday’s rest day, today brought the true beginning of Augusta training.  I had a 50 minute trainer ride that had to include 5 x 20 seconds in a big gear at a high cadence.  My plan for the ride was to execute those intervals and also keep my cadence above 90 and stay in the big ring if possible.  Mission totally accomplished!

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 8.14.08 PM

I began the ride with the pilot of Lost.  The first three seasons are amazing and engrossing (don’t get me started on the infuriating downward spiral of that show or I will LOSE IT) so I thought they would be a nice motivator during my trainer rides.  The ride began in my basement but as sweat poured down my everywhere, the patio beckoned.  Set my trainer up in the shade and enjoyed watching the 580 commute.  None of us went anywhere!

Oh, your car is not on a trainer?  Sorry...

Oh, your car is not on a trainer? Sorry…

When I moved outside, I switched to music and found myself cueing Dailey Method thigh work.  That sure helped the time pass!  I imagine I’m going to spend a lot of my Augusta training thinking through my new teaching.  Great way to get out of the “are we there yet?” mindset.  Because, no, we’re not there yet.

Due to a light work day and wanting to take Dailey tomorrow, I moved my swim to today.  I figure that it doesn’t really matter if I swim on a running day or a cycling day.  I intend to follow my schedule as planned, the only exception being moving swims and TDM sessions around.  I also won’t ever put off a training session.  I can only move them earlier, not push them off.  Rules is rules.

So, it’s like a million degrees this week and I’ve been looking forward to trying some of the outdoor pools in my area.  My house is right between the pool at Mills College and Lions Pool in Dimond Park.  Just being specific in case you live in the East Bay and are looking for a pool near my house!

I really enjoyed the Dimond pool.  There are two large lanes (slow and medium) and one narrower lane for faster swimmers.  Word on the deck is that if you even swim freestyle in the slow lane, some regular aqua joggers will get in your face and tell you to move up to the medium lane.  I actually heard it happen!  Thankfully they didn’t give me shit when I moved into the slow lane to do my kicking set.  Probably because I was going very, very, very slowly.  Or they could tell that I would splash them if they sassed me.

I cannot TELL you how heavenly this swim was.  Yes, the lane was busy and there were some people who didn’t totally get the circle swimming but generally folks were friendly.  I introduced myself and asked questions about how people were planning to swim and all was well.  I felt amazing.  Strong, steady, and so happy.  None of the nausea or yuckiness I had experienced at my gym pool.  Totally hooked.  And totally tan.  I seriously have a full swimsuit tan already.  How the hell am I supposed to get sunscreen on my mid-back, btw?

My happy place.

My happy place.

I didn’t quite finish my workout because the lap swim ended when I still had a few hundred more meters to do.  Who knew kicking was so hard and slow?!  The YouTube video I watched did not mention that.  I did 4 of the 8 x 25 prescribed and did not feel bad about moving on to my main set.  Since it was literally my first time with a kickboard, I’ll make up those extra yards later this week.

All in all, it was a phenomenal first day.  I ate enough to feel happy and energetic all day but didn’t go off the rails in “celebration.”  As in, I didn’t consume any of these things.  Just this wonderful thing:

Mmmmm compressed and sliced meats salad.

Mmmmm compressed and sliced meats salad! Love those crazy Greeks…

And now, we foam roll!

What are you favorite swimming drills?  Any kicking tips?


You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round Like a Record Player Right Round Round Round!

The motto of Augusta 70.3 training (which officially starts in about two weeks, holy crap) is…



*Cut the drama.

* Ignore the nerves.

* Get your work done.

I employed this motto for the first time about a month ago when I spontaneously decided to put on my hand-me-down pedals (thanks, Jess!) and clip my hand-me-down cycling shoes into them (thanks, Velia!)  I figured I would watch thirty YouTube videos and practice in my doorway for a month before actually attempting to clip in outside.  I floated this idea with my stepbrother (who can literally eat a spaghetti dinner while riding his bike in the snow) and he said “why don’t you just go ride?  Just do it!”

So I did!

Customary excitement and falling!

Customary excitement and falling!

I only had a couple little tipovers, AFTER I had clipped out and put one foot on the ground.  That’s how I do!

So, riding clipped in is AWESOME.  You all knew that.  I love being able to use my hamstrings and glutes more.  I could definitely feel the difference riding in the wind and I’m sure hills will be infinitely easier.  Hear that, Bears?

In the spirit of just doing stuff, I went to my first spin class today!

The class was held at my gym.  I arrived about 15 min early to ensure that I got a spot.  When it was time to enter the studio, I introduced myself to a few other classmates (including another brave newbie) and the instructor, Benjamin.  He was super cool and helped me set up my bike.  I clipped in and started gently spinning until the class officially began.


Loved the hill climbs.  Loved being out of the saddle.  Loved the sprints.  Loved cycling in time with the music.  Loved it loved it loved it.

Without question, I need to get comfortable riding outside.  I will not substitute spin classes for outdoor time in my own saddle but a mid-week ride?  YOU BETCHA!

What have you “just done” this week?

Any triathletes out there incorporate spinning?

Anyone want to give me infinities monies to go to fancy spinning in SF?

Are We There Yet?

Yesterday, I did my……….


Remember how I registered for a Half-Ironman? Thaaaaaaaaaat…

I’m currently getting back in shape and training for the Oakland Half but honestly, the finish line I see during every tough workout is Augusta.

A few months ago, one of my fellow See Jane Run ambassadors, the lovely Tara, loaned me her trainer.  I finally learned how to put it on last week and yesterday morning I ventured down to the basement for my inaugural ride to nowhere!

It took me a bit of jimmying but eventually the bike fit securely into the trainer.  I have nothing to compare it to but my borrowed Travel Trac feels secure and looks to retail for under $200, in case anyone is in the market.  It’s not super noisy but loud enough that I preferred to use headphones while watching Netflix.

I figured one episode of What Not to Wear would be a good first ride, about 45 minutes.  I regularly do 45 or hour long rides at the gym but my own bike is quite a bit harder.  I loved it!  Being able to use my own gears and become one with my own seat is fantastic.  I’ve been riding a bike for exactly one year so I still have a long way to go in building confidence and comfort.  I think spending time on the trainer is really going to help with that, especially once I put my clipless pedals on.  Yeah, that’s happening.

The bike is so deceptively challenging!  I was sweaty and my heart rate was up a bit but it didn’t feel like a killer workout.  Then I went to Dailey Method and couldn’t do ANYTHING.  I came down to my knees in every plank sequence!  I don’t think that happened in the very first class I took!  Thigh work was impossible and by the final set of high c-curve abdominal work, I could barely hold my body up in space.  Dang, bike!

So naturally, I refuled.  With pork belly.



What are your favorite trainer workouts and tips?  Intervals? Cool one-leg drills?  Lay ’em on me!

Little Engine

I’ve been having some difficulty blogging lately because I’ve had so many enormous breakthroughs in all three sports.  POOR MEEEEE!  😀  I’ve wanted to tell you all about it but then the next thing happens and then I feel behind and then I eat donuts and go have another incredible workout!  Sawry!  But despite what my blog (and the scale) would suggest, I am doing things other than eating do(ugh)nuts!

Today, for example, yesterday I did this:

Three Bears.

Three Bears.  Check out the elevation before you judge the speed, thaaaaaanks.

Before I get to the story of Bear Climbfest 2013, let me backtrack a couple weeks.

In the cycling breakthrough department, I’ve delved into longer rides.  A couple weeks ago, I had my first 26 mile excursion.  The majority of it was on the Iron Horse Trail which was just straight up annoying.  It’s a great area to ride but this trail had walkers, cyclists, runners, and lots of KIDS.  It also jogged over streets about every mile and I constantly had to ride in between those stupid little poles.  Lots of awkward tight turns at the intersections.  Forced me to deal with infinity obstacles at about 10 mph.  26 miles took 3 hours and by the end, I WAS OVER IT.  My friend was super-patient with me and I felt quite accomplished as soon as I got my aching body off the bike.

The next week, a friend and her boyfriend went out with us for a loop around Orinda, Lafayette, and Moraga.  I had an absolute meltdown on the way to meet them.  I was feeling incredibly anxious and stressed.   All my cycling fears bubbled up and, not gonna lie, I cried most of the way there!  Once I met up with them and started riding, I felt fine but I was very concerned about looking like a lunatic in front of my friends.  The route was 20 miles with a bit more climbing than we expected.  It was mostly on roads, with the exception of a stretch of trail connecting Lafayette to Moraga.  Despite the rough start, I LOVED this ride.  I pedaled on descents!  Even on the last climb, I felt strong and confident!  Must have been the secret weapon Diet Coke we stopped for before the last push…

That's the good stuff.

That’s the good stuff.

When I returned home from that ride, I discovered that we had gained about 1,000 ft.  I was thrilled!  Had I looked at a route with even that limited amount of climbing, I would have felt like it was beyond me.  Velia was also very positive about my climbing abilities.  The whole experience was a tremendous confidence boost.  I couldn’t believe I felt safe the entire time.  I went home that evening and started looking at routes that I had previously written off.

Enter the bears.  Three Bears is a popular cycling route in Orinda, CA, about ten miles east of Oakland.  It’s named for three climbs (Mama, Papa, and Baby) on Bear Creek Rd. but loops around the Briones and San Pablo reservoirs.  On the recommendation of my friend and cycling guru TJ, we rode the loop counter-clockwise to avoid a headwind.

Going counter-clockwise gives you Papa Bear right off the bat.


I was in the small ring going like 6 mph and HEAVING FOR AIR.  Less than a mile into the ride, I had to stop on the hill.  Then I couldn’t get going again so I walked my damn bike up the hill.  Yes, in the first mile….

….of twenty.

Had I been by myself and/or not had a big confidence boost last week, I might have given up.  I definitely would have been in tears.  Instead, we just laughed and reassured each other that it couldn’t get worse than that.  Once it leveled off enough for me to get rolling again, we continued up the hill.  It took us about 23 minutes to go 2 miles.  I could have run it faster.  So that bodes well…

“It looks flatter up ahead! Right?”

Beautiful view of Briones Reservoir.  Worth the climb?  .......Sure!

Beautiful view of Briones Reservoir. Worth the climb? …….Sure!

The name of this ride was “cautious optimism.”  We would ride, climb, regroup.  Each time, we were cautiously optimistic that we had just climbed one of the bears and that it had to be chill from that point on.  And then we’d face another hill.  For the climbs, I would get down into the small ring and chug on up.  I was the little engine that could, chug-a-lugging up each hill.  The weirdest songs kept looping through my head.  “Little Girls” from Annie.  Really?

“Heeeey, Aqualung!”

Velia was typically behind me on the climbs since she’s on a much heavier touring bike.  Kinda sweet because she got the above awesome shot of an orange speck of me.  She dusted my ass on the descents and then politely waited for me to roll in.  #teamwork

A number of the descents were the steepest I’ve encountered and I made huge strides in this area.  I got into my drops and instead of feathering the breaks constantly, I embraced the speed.  I focused on the ground up ahead, scanning for anything dangerous and began to enjoy the feeling of flying through the air.  I even pedaled to gain speed on the less intense descents!

While the official bear climbs are all on Bear Creek Rd., the rest of the ride is not at all flat.  There were a few more climbs that had my quads burning and brought me close to desperate tears.  One notable one had me chanting “I can. I can. I can.  I will. I will. I will.”  Finally, as I reached the top, I switched to “I am! I am! I am!

At least it's beautiful!

At least it’s beautiful!

The last five mile section had a lot more traffic and some not insignificant climbing.  Velia and I rallied, pushed through one last climb and were shocked to arrive suddenly at the intersection where we parked!  We had done it!

Our usual high fives did not suffice.  There were several sweaty hugs.  Instead of feeling demoralized, we both felt thrilled at the accomplishment and motivated to get stronger and faster on those climbs.

Until next time, Three Bears.  PREPARE TO BE DOMINATED.

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My First Group Ride / I Got Robbed

Yesterday,  I went on my first GROUP RIDE!

Yes. The two words more terrifying than “Brazilian Wax” or “Magic Mike”…

What if I suddenly forget how to stop and start my bikemachine?
What if my neon orange jacket is too embarrassing to be seen with?
What if I can’t keep pace and my super sweet friends who would never shun me SHUN ME?

I had so many “what if’s” as I was getting ready that I almost had tears in my eyes. I took some deep breaths and tried to believe what I tweeted the night before:

Good advice, Me.

Good advice, Me.

The game plan was to ride up Tunnel Road in the Oakland/Berkeley hills with my newlywed friends TJ and Michael.  They’re both experienced cyclists and wonderfully sweet people.  Definitely the kind of folks you want to do something scary with for the first time.

I mean, come on.  Look at these faces!  (Ignore ominous thumb cloud.)

I mean, come on. Look at these faces! (Ignore ominous thumb cloud.)

It’s about as gentle as a hill ride gets in the Bay Area, good for figuring out gearing on the way up and descent isn’t terrifying.  They also suggested a short segment that wouldn’t be overwhelming.  Thanks guys!  While the road winds quite a bit (danger! danger!), it’s such a popular cycling route that most cars avoid it unless they have the misfortune of owning one of the multi-million dollar homes positioned on the hillside.  We joked on the way up that there must be some underground, Dr. Evil-esque grocery store that only sells fancy milk and bread.  Otherwise, these people literally have a 20 minute drive to the nearest egg.

We parked near the Firestorm Monument (foreshadowing….), spent a little bit of time talking about riding in a group and off we went!

That's the view from the starting point of this ride!  The Bay Area is awesome.  Can you see the Bay Bridge?

That’s the view from the starting point of this ride! The Bay Area is awesome. Can you spot the Bay and Golden Gate Bridges?

I had a slightly shaky start because I’m so unaccustomed to having anyone near me as I push off!  They rode up a few feet and we settled into a nice pack? Group? Murder (of crows)?

Fun Fact: the term for a group of unicorns is a “blessing.”  A blessing of unicorns.

It was really interesting keeping a steady pace behind someone.  TJ set a nice, slow speed for us and we took turns in the lead position.  The incline was gentle enough that I stayed in my big ring  but at one point, a combination of slow speed, big gear, and steeper grade got the better of me and I lost momentum.  We regrouped and I realized that I shouldn’t let my fear of spinning out of control keep me from shifting to the small ring.  It’s for hills!  Derp!  I shifted and my bike immediately felt 200lbs lighter.  I couldn’t believe the difference!

I think it was around this point (halfway up the hill) that I remembered to press “start” on my Garmin.  D’oh!  Bummed because I’m a total data freak and I was looking forward to seeing the elevation gain.

Can I just say how nice it was that every cyclist calls out “good morning!” to each other.  There were folks on tandem bikes, fancy kitted-out cyclist dudes and everyone in between.  They were all so friendly!  I liked that.

Before I knew it, TJ was calling out “that’s our driveway!”  Great success!

Dr. Evil's cul-de-sac?

Dr. Evil’s cul-de-sac?

Before we headed back down, TJ gave me lots of great tips about descending.  We agreed that Michael was welcome to zip down the hill but TJ would take it slow with me.  That was really sweet and generous of her because she loves a speedy downhill!  The beginning of the descent was pretty intense.  It wasn’t particularly steep but the only descents I’ve done so far have been very, very short.  To continually go downhill, feeling that wooshing speedy feeling was overwhelming.

(At literally 7mph.  I didn’t even know it was possible to go downhill as slowly as I was until I looked at my Garmin data later.)

When we discussed descending techniques, TJ mentioned being in the drops, as opposed to on the hoods.  I actually haven’t ridden in my drops since I realized early on that I should be on the hoods.  Remembering how unsteady my steering felt during those early rides, my knee-jerk reaction was “nope, not today.”  Well, we rode for only a couple minutes before my hands were cramping like crazy from trying to feather my breaks from the hoods.  We pulled over for me to take little emotional breather.  I was uphill from TJ so I decided to ride down to her in my drops and, like shifting into the small ring on the ascent, the drops were a game changer.  I had easy access to my breaks and realized that the steering difficulty in the past had much more to do with my inexperience.  It felt a bagillion times better.

Cutest TJ demonstrating.  I love her.

Cutest TJ demonstrating. I love her.

Also, can we please check out these views?  It was so clear and gorgeous.  I promise I’ll get better pictures next time…

Why didn't the chicken cross the road?  Because she didn't want to get a good picture?

Why didn’t the chicken cross the road? Because she didn’t want to get a good picture?

Riding down the hill, I felt more and more comfortable.  We still took it very slowly, just what I needed.  In fact, I think if I had been riding by myself, I may have ridden uphill faster than I rode down!  How weird is that?

I was so happy!  Great success!  Learned a ton, didn’t make a fool of myself….all good things!  Wonderful day!

Until we discovered this:






Purse with beloved salmon colored Coach wallet stolen.  Lots of teaching cash stolen.  Motherfucking SWIM BAG stolen.  Driver’s side window busted out on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  Cause that’s convenient.  Thankfully, I had my keys and my iPhone with me.

TJ and Michael jumped into action, cleaning out the glass as I cancelled my bank card and called Tim to cancel our credit card.  They were very supportive and sympathetic, as were the multitudes of cyclists who passed by.

Great ride and learning experience with a totally shitty and expensive ending.  I can’t wait to ride Tunnel again and again and again!  With nothing of any value in my car.

HUGE thank you to TJ and Michael for being great friends and teachers!  You guys are the best!



Tell me about your first time descending on your bike!  Or something scary you did this weekend!  Don’t tell me about a time you got robbed, I’m still too bummed.





CA Sprint Tri Training – Week Five

Late again.  I know.  I bet smart bloggers who write weekly workout posts actually work on them every couple days and just keep a draft going.  Maybe they don’t and I should do that and be the most organized blogger of them all!

Monday 5/7 – Rest.  Successful.

Tuesday 5/8 – Run, Swim, TDM

Very short run because I’d had a bit of discomfort in my tendon a couple days before.  My foot is pretty reliable but it’s directly connected to tightness in my calf.  If I stretch and roll my right calf adequately, my foot seems to be fine.

700 meters in the pool.  After making the decision to race the Mermaid Tri in less than a month, I’m upping the distance in the pool.  I was never truly comfortable with the incredibly short workouts on my training plan.  I’ve switched over to the Ruth Kazez 0-1650 swimming plan.  I did it at the end of last year and gained comfort and fitness in the pool pretty quickly.  Maybe should have built on that instead of losing it all and starting from scratch.  I’ll file that away as yet another triathlon lesson learned.  In any case, swimming sucks and is also going better.

TDM with Kim.  She kicked my ass.  Love that girl.

Wednesday 5/9 – BRICK

Exact same brick as last week (30 min ride, 20 min run) on the same route.  My pace was almost identical.  It felt about a thousand times easier because it wasn’t 90 degrees and I drank water before the run.  Look at me, learning!  Also wore my tri suit for the first time.  It was comfy.

Nothing sexier than an unzipped onesie and a salty face.

Nothing sexier than an unzipped pink onesie and a matching salty pink  face.

Thursday 5/10 – TDM Intervals, Cycle

TDM has a brand new class!  It’s a 45 minute cardio intervals class.  I want to attend it a couple more times before I write a full review.  It was hard but super fun.  If I wasn’t doing so many hours a week of cardio, I would take it regularly.  Also, I was really sore the next day in strange places.  It was a winner.

TOUGH 45 minute cycling workout at the gym.

Friday 5/11 – Rest

So. F*cking. Sore.

Saturday 5/12 – Run, Swim

BROKE THE THREE MILE WALL!  I woke up on Friday morning and thought “I want to run four miles today!”  My foot felt good, I took it pretty slowly and it was awesome.  With marathon training on the horizon, I really want to put this injury behind me.  It was a huge confidence boost to comfortably run four miles.  I could have done more without a problem.  WOOOOOOT!

Also, there were ducklings!

Hella cute!

Hella cute!

Another half mile in the pool.  Still working on fundamental aspects of my form: rotation, keeping hips high, and not pulling my head up when I breathe.  I’m breathing much less frequently.  Huge improvement.  Great success.

Sunday 5/12 – Cycle

Another huge breakthrough: I rode my bike in Oakland for the first time.  Between the drivers, the hills, and the potential for sketchy encounters, I’ve avoided riding in my hometown.  Near to my house, there’s a long street with a bike line.  I got up at around 6 to avoid cars and sketchmos.  I had a bit of anxiety but I decided in advance that I wouldn’t worry at all about pace and if I was struggling on a hill or felt freaked out, I would just walk my bike.  It went well!  I had to shift a lot, which is good.  I still shift the wrong way a lot (I’m not kidding) and shifting to the small ring makes me nervous that I’ll spin out.  I nearly did once but I just let the pedals spin until I could regain my balance and put my feet back on the pedals.  Great success, again!

Another fantastic week of training!

How was your week, friends?

CA Sprint Tri Training – Weeks 3 and 4

My punishment for not blogging is that I have to try to pretend I remember how these workouts went.  Lesson learned.

Here’s my training for the last two weeks with the few details I can remember.

[You can mail my BLOGGER OF THE CENTURY award directly to the Barney’s on College Ave.]

Monday 4/22 – Run, Swim

Completed!  No idea how it went.  These workouts were the first day of ‘Battle Hymns’ tech week which feels about a million years ago.

Tuesday 4/23 – Cycle

Skillz practice in a parking lot.  I’m practicing grabbing my water bottle, which I can now do.  What I realized is that I have no idea what I would do once I got the the bottle into my hand.  I’ll figure that out later.  When I got home, I decided to try some hill repeats and practice shifting gears.  I chose the hill nearest to my house and was demoralized to discover that I couldn’t even make it halfway up.  Once.  Uhhhh….

Nice try.

Nice try.

Wednesday 4/24 – Run, Swim

3 easy miles and a short swim.  Uneventful workouts except that when I went into the locker room to change from running clothes to swimsuit, I looked down to notice that I had banged into the corner of a bench.  I barely felt it.  Which is weird because it turned into this:

Hrm.  OWW.

Hrm. OWW.

Okay, bruise.  No biggie, right?  Except when I woke up on Wednesday morning, I literally couldn’t bend my leg from an extended position.  It was so stiff and so painful!  I had no problem walking but I couldn’t put any weight on my leg if it was bent.  NOOOOOOO.

I was incredibly stressed and anxious about my upcoming concerts and this injury gave me an opportunity to focus solely on my performance.  No workouts happened for the rest of the week.  Lots of icing and cursing.  I wasn’t happy about that but it was necessary as the show was physically demanding and my knee got worse before it got better.

Monday 4/29 – Swim, Cycle

Easy indoor ride to test my knee and a longer swim.  I’ve decided that the swim distances of my training plan aren’t long enough for me to feel confident doing a half mile swim on 6/29.  I’m going rogue and extending them.  On this particular day, I did 11 x 50 and felt good.  The ride was 40 minutes and while my knee felt weird, it wasn’t any weirder during or after the workout than before.  All systems (gently) go!

Tuesday 4/30 – TDM

I love Dailey Method.  Kimberly is the bomb.  She accommodated my knee weirdness but TDM is so anatomically thoughtful that none of the exercises bothered it in the slightest.  It’s awesome.

Wednesday 5/1 – BRICK

My first legit brick!  Finally got to feel like a badass and use the multisport mode of my Garmin.  What what?

So keeeewl!

So keeeewl!


This workout was haaaaaard.  So….I’ve ridden the stationary bike and run right after a few times.  You know, on TriFri!  I really didn’t see what the big deal was and figured I was just the beginning of a new species of athlete biologically designed for brick workouts.  Like a SuperLady!


The ride was easy.  A comfortable loop of Bay Farm.  I made an effort not to ride too hard and save my legs for the run, especially since I hadn’t run in about a week.  I set up my little transition area (nerd alert!) in the car so as soon as I was done, I tossed the bike in the car, switched my helmet for a visor and took off.  Without drinking water.  At any point.  Also, it was 90 degrees which is obviously irrelevant.

I only had to run for 20 minutes but it was brutal.  I was running faster than I should have, completely dehydrated.  But I did it and didn’t walk!  Many lessons learned for today’s redemption brick!

Thursday 5/2 – Rest.

Believe it.

Also, #tbt




Friday 5/3 – Run, TDM

Three easy miles and a not at all easy Dailey Method class with Susannah.  She asked me to DEMO which totally made my LIFE.  EGOSPLOSION!  I worked harder than I’d planned since I felt like people were watching me and expecting me to be strong!

Saturday 5/4 – Cycle

55 minute ride in Alameda.  On streets.  With cars.  It was AMAZING and a huge breakthrough.  This deserves its own post, if I can get my shit together to write one before it is eclipsed by newer amazing accomplishments.  Being a beginner is awesome.

Sunday 5/5 – Swim

Another easy, shortish swim 9 x 50.  Easy on paper, not easy in real life.  I’m such a shitty swimmer.  I know my body position is incredibly inefficient.  I’m doing my best but it’s really time for someone to fix me.  Gotta get on that.


There are some other major things that happened to this little introvert this week.  More info forthcoming but I’ll tease ya with THIS:

Oh Shiiiiiiiiiiiii....

Oh Shiiiiiiiiiiiii….




Suuuunny Day….


I love the sunshine. I always know this intellectually but once it’s sunny, I’m shocked by how GOOD I feel. How genuinely HAPPY.

(Hang ten while I find the happiest picture in my iPhone photo roll…)

Happy AND tan!

So, I had a rest day on my schedule but it was 80 degrees and I was done with work at 10:45am. Not run or cycle in this gorgeous weather?! Get real!

I’m truly being careful not to add extra workouts or overdo it. It was easy to shuffle workouts around so I could ride today and take TDM with a good friend and one of our favorite instructors. Tomorrow’s a heavier work day so taking a rest day then was ideal!

I intend to do every scheduled workout of this training cycle unless I have some compelling reason not to.

Don’t make me say the “i” word.

I will be flexible when the weather is amazing. I will not run on consecutive days. I will listen to my body! I will not continue this sequence of sentences any longer.

Do you like sunshine? Do you like absurd questions?

Back in the Saddle

Who’s got two thumbs, speaks limited French and hasn’t cried once today?

Liz Lemon, nerds!

Who got back on her bike for the first time since she got up close and personal with that asshole pole?


My only goal for today’s ride was to stay calm and comfortable. And to remain vertical, if I’m being completely honest.

Mission SO accomplished! I had some butterflies as I put my helmet on but as soon as I began to ride, I felt secure. I was actually surprised at how comfortable and familiar it felt to be on my bike.

I did two loops of Bay Farm Island, including two encounters with my nemesis the pole. The first time, I slowed down and walked past, with a bit of a sneer. When I came to it again at the end of the ride, I REDEEMED MYSELF AND RODE AROUND IT.


It was a nice way to end a lovely ride. With two weeks before the official start of triathlon training, I am fully confident that I can complete the bike portion and still have the energy to run 3 miles. Exactly the confidence boost I needed as I slowly rebuild my post-injury strength.