A Good Day

Today I ran 9 miles and then took a great and intense Dailey Method class.  It felt awesome.  I felt strong, energized, confident.

I felt like myself.

I needed this.

Tomorrow is the beginning of week SIXTEEN of training for Augusta 70.3.  I have no idea how to articulate how it’s been going.  How about a good old Pro/Con list in the form of Good/Bad:


* No injuries.  Today’s 9 miler was an important test.  I haven’t run that far since the marathon almost a year ago.  It was the 9 mile run during training for the curs-ed Oakland Running Festival where my ITB, knee, and hamstring collectively voted NO.  I’ve been more consistent this training cycle but I have missed some long runs.  I’m very relieved to know that my legs are holding up, especially at a faster pace.

I am super fit.  I am, without a doubt, in the best shape of my life.  I’m very satisfied with my “easy” and “moderate” paces.  They’re considerably faster in all three sports than ever before.  I’m not pushing them much because it’s all about going looooong these days.  Still, I’m noticing fitness gains and that always feels nice.

My mental endurance is improving.  Today’s 9 miler was with a podcast.  Yes, I still had some distraction but I did not require thumping music to motivate each step.  Mentally and physically, I was chill.  Just moving forward.  I’ve listened to podcasts during most of my epically long trainer rides and have been sufficiently entertained.  This is really important as I will not have music during the actual race.  Here’s hoping that the other racers, crowd support, and focusing on nutrition will be enough to get me out of my head.

I’ve really figured out the food thing.  I’m eating enough, not too much.  Eating almost completely “clean” which for me means no gluten, very little dairy, very few processed foods.  Minimal food rewards.  I’ve maintained my slightly-reduced weight within 5 lbs for the last four months.  It feels really good.  Last year, during marathon training, it was way too easy to justify ice cream and pizza as pre-long run loading or post-long run recovery.  Not this time!

I am completely in love with indoor cycling.  It is one of my favorite thing EVAR and I wouldn’t have discovered it had I not been required to cycle so much.  Give me pumping music and a gnarly hill climb.  I am happy.  I am so looking forward to spinning my ass off for forever and ever after training is done.

I am doing a whole lot of workouts.  I have not done every single workout on my plan but let’s save that for the other list.  I HAVE done many, many, many, many workouts.  I’ve hardly missed a single cycling workout.  I’ve missed some runs but not enough to derail a safe ramp-up, as demonstrated today.  I have swum many times.  Best news: I’ve managed 2-4 Dailey Method classes per week, in addition to teaching several a week.  I maintain that the strengthening and lengthening of TDM keeps me injury-free and sane.

There’s another list to write but today is a good day.  Let’s leave it there. 😀

How have your summer workouts been going?  What’s on your good list??


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