I didn’t think I could love The Dailey Method more than I already do and then they introduced:


Themey music and festive costumes? And a hashtag??  DONE.

Last week was 70’s and we had a disco blast.  No Warren Zevon but no problem!  I just sang ‘Excitable Boy’ during the drive home…

[This was one of the primary albums of my childhood.  Google the lyrics to ‘Excitable Boy’ or ‘Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner’ and my personality might start to make sense? Thanks, Dad!]

Today was 80’s so obviously this had to happen:

Wear all the neon you own, you say?

Wear all the neon you own, you say?

Any excuse to wear my SPACE CAT leggings….

With Kerry Corcoran - TDM - Berkeley studio owner , anatomy guru, and rainbow legging enthusiast.


Photo courtesy of Kerry Corcoran – TDM Berkeley studio owner, Anatomy Guru, Legging Enthusiast.

Kerry nailed the playlist!  Practically every song had the class smiling and laughing.  Highlights included: One Night in Bangkok (so random), We Built This City (a childhood favorite), and my favorite karaoke jam Total Eclipse of the Heart.  Music absolutely inspires me go a little deeper and work a little harder.  Or at the very least, it entertains the one percent of mental space I have left after adjusting my alignment and feeling pain.

And of course, the class was just as painful as always.  Thankfully, we did prone seat work which I’ve been training for since the 80’s.

Prone circa 1982.  Note the lifted seat appearance.  #happybaby

Prone circa 1982. Note the lifted seat appearance. #happybaby

Stay tuned for 90’s day when brown eyeliner may or may not be used as LIPLINER.

Like, totally #happyfit

What’s your FAVE 80’s tune?   Mine is P.Y.T even though it’s creepy!


5 thoughts on “Like, TOTALLY!

  1. So fun!! What a great idea. I love TDM and dressing up. I have plenty of 80s stuff too.

  2. clair says:

    That’s awesome!

  3. Cathryn says:

    I don’t know if I’m more jealous of the space cat leggings or the side ponytail!

  4. Rachel says:

    Hah, I LOVE your outfit. Did the ponytail get in the way though? I feel like it would have flopped around in front of your face a lot.

    ANYWAY those leggings are fantastic.

    • Shauna says:

      It actually just got REALLY SWEATY AND GROSS. I did whip it back and forth a bit during thigh work at the bar. That made it all worth it.

      THANK YOU about the leggings. They are my favorite garment that I own. Target!

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