Those of you who follow me on the Twitters have seen many, many photos that look like this:

I painted those walls!

I painted those walls!

Right before New Year’s, I got the idea to watch all 100 films on the AFI (American Film Institute) Top 100 Films.  I love movies but there are a ton of iconic films that I’ve never seen.  I also wanted motivation to watch some genres that I wouldn’t normally gravitate to like Westerns and Silent Films.  As of today, I am on #50!  Here are some details about the project:

* There are 2 versions of the list.  The first list came out in 1997 and then a 10 year anniversary list with adjusted rankings (including some removals and additions) came out in 2007.  I am watching the updated list.

* In what order?!  This was quite a connundrum.  Chronological? #1-100? Backwards from 100 to save the “best” for last?  I opted to start at #1.  If I lost steam in the project, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss the highest ranked ones.

* I’m watching the majority of the films streaming or on DVD through Netflix.  So far, I’ve only had to get one movie from another source because it wasn’t available on Netflix.  I updated my DVD plan to 2 at a time. 

* I’m tweeting frequently about the project with the hashtag #AFIProject, in case you want to go back and see my immediate impressions of the movies I’ve watched!  

This project is one of my favorite things I’ve ever done.  There hasn’t been a single movie I haven’t liked.  Some that I didn’t think I would enjoy completely surprised me.  Only a few have been underwhelming but only compared to the amazingness of the others.

Later this week, I’ll post brief impressions of the top 50!

What’s your favorite movie?  If you read this post, PLEASE comment.  I would love to see what everyone else is watching!


5 thoughts on “#AFIProject

  1. clair says:

    This is such a cool project! My tastes don’t tend towards the classics, but a few of my favorite movies are Bull Durham, Clue, and Dazed & Confused.

  2. Cathryn says:

    At the risk of you laughing, my favourite movie is The Sound of Music, but I honestly don’t mind if you laugh because I think it’s perfect – or it would be if it ended at the wedding, because no-one needs the extra ten minutes of escaping the Nazis.But my favourite movies tend to be a little cheesy like that.

    I really like foreign movies (I did languages at uni) so I’m not trying to be pretentious but most of my favourite serious movies are sub-titled. I’d recommend: Battle Royale (crazy, violent Japanese movie, not usually my thing but it was amazing); Les Intouchables (wonderful recent French movie that’s really heart-warming) and Very VERY different but utterly brilliant is xXx with Vin Diesel (honestly).

    OOOH…and The Girl on the Bridge – a black and white French movie starring Vanessa Paradis. It’s one of my very favourite films because it’s a love story with no s*x but the most sensual knife-throwing scene in cinema and an amazing song. You honestly have to watch this one!! If you only watch one I’ve recommended, it’s this one.

    • Shauna says:

      I wouldn’t laugh at Sound of Music! It’s on the list actually (and I’m a musician!) but I haven’t been able to get my hands on it. It’s actually the only one I’ve skipped so far.

      Thanks for the recommendations! All the AFI films are considered American (though some, like Lord of the Rings mostly aren’t) so I really appreciate non-American suggestions. I can’t wait for the next round of films when I’m done with these!

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