Hi Friends!

Today I had the best run I’ve had in six weeks.  It looked like this:

Impressive is relative!

Impressive is relative!

When last I blogged, I was having a pretty tough start to the year.  It was probably the poor leadership of President Taft.  He really bums me out.

I haven’t blogged in a long time.  Get it?  HAR HAR.  Thanks for still reading.

Last weekend was the Oakland Running Festival.  For the second year in a row, I was injured out of the half marathon.  Many factors contributed to the minor knee/ITB injury that sidelined me but  inconsistent training was primarily my downfall.  Turns out you can’t skip midweek runs and then just jump into the long runs and not expect to get stranded halfway through a nine-miler.  True story.  Shitty story.  Doubly-sadly, my wonderful stepbrother and stepsisterinlaw were also injured.  They already had travel arrangements to come down from Seattle so we made the best of it and spent some great quality time together.  The morning of the race, we took a long walk along the shoreline and ate a big ole Mexican brunch.  It was wonderful.


They are seriously the best.

Though it was disappointing not to race (especially when we went to the expo to pick up our shirts.  UGH.) it was so lovely to be together and talk about future races.  I can’t wait to have a bagillion dollars to build FamilyCompound so we can all hang out and train together every day!  That’s not creepy at all, right?  Phew.

The 007 aka The SEAN PECANNERY.

The 007 aka The SEAN PECAN-NERY.

I carboloaded for our family walk with that little donut and many, many more.

So, this injury.  It’s really minor but the last thing I want is to exacerbate it.  It first showed up at literally mile 4.5 of a 9 mile run.  THAT was a long walk home.  I basically felt tension and vibration all the way down the right side of my leg and major instability under my kneecap.  Once that initial intensity wore off, what I can only describe as knee “heat” (swelling?) remained.  After several days off, I’ve been doing run/walk intervals until I feel any sensation.  I’m very slowly building back up to continuous mileage on the treadmill and other soft surfaces.  I’ve also been foam rolling every day and lingering over the knots in my quads to the point of tears.  I’m getting better and I’m pretty sure that’s why.

Today I ran outside for the first time in probably a month.  I went to my beloved Lake Merritt with the intention of running only the soft surfaces.  After a lovely walking warmup, I began to run.  I felt like I was let out of jail.  I had no intention of pushing it but as I trotted along “easily”, I looked down and saw low 9’s on my Garmin.


I have no business running those paces but I felt absolutely fantastic so I just enjoyed it.  Who knows what will feel easy next time but I couldn’t care less as long as I keep improving and stay strong.

I wonder why it was so easy?  Maybe it’s all the SWIMMING AND CYCLING I’VE BEEN DOING!


How are you doing?  DNS any races lately?  Eat any adorable donuts?




3 thoughts on “Moving…Forward…Again…

  1. Paulette says:

    I DNS’d Oakland too. After being injured I wasn’t ready to run the half distance yet so I had to take it easy. My hubby and friend ran so I went up with them and cheered. It was still super fun! Hope you keep feeling better, I know that ‘out of jail’ feeling you mention. 🙂

    • Shauna says:

      I saw that! Sorry to hear you were unable to run too but so glad you had fun cheering! I’m pretty sure that race is cursed for me so naturally when I woke up that morning, I thought “next year, I’ll just do the full.” That’s how my logic logics…

  2. earthedangel says:

    I have mixed feelings. YAY YOU’RE BACK! Awww you’re injured. 😦 BUT YAY YOU’RE HEALING!
    I’m a simple creature, and you’ve given me complex feels. 😛
    I’m so glad you’re on the mend, and blogging again. Side note: I’m thisclose to starting to foam roll, and that’s pretty much exclusively because of you. When I read about “rolling” before your blog, it just seemed like something only elite runners do. Which, don’t get me wrong…you’re amazing!…you run long distances!…at sub-9 paces!…but I picked up reading your blog just before you’d finished C25K, so you were much more accessible as a role model. So, what I’m trying to say is, thanks. Thanks for being open about your journey, and thanks for writing this blog the way you do. More specifically, thanks for talking about foam rolling because I *weirdly* am excited about crying my way through my first (all?) rolling session.

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