Make the Decision

2014 has not been easy so far.

I am technically at the end of my third week of half marathon training.  I hoped that by this point I would have worked my way up to completing all four weekly runs as prescribed.  I’m not.  Here’s why and why it doesn’t matter:

* I’ve felt subtle suggestions of the tendinitis I experienced this time last year.  No pain but some sensation.  I’m afraid of doing too much too soon.  I’m rolling my calves and listening to my body but I’m still nervous.  This has led me to skip runs, reschedule runs (and sometimes not do them), and cut some runs short.

I should still go out for every scheduled run, even if I can’t complete it.  My struggle is much more mental than physical at this point and getting out there every time it’s on the calendar will get my head back in the game.

* Work has been insane.  Good insane but still insane.

Insane for me still leaves plenty of time for training.  Also, my happiest days are the ones that include a long, tough workout.  

* I’m intimidated by being out of shape.  The workouts I’ve done have been haaaaard.

Um, you get in shape by working out, not by punking out.  

* I’m not super happy.  That’s hard to admit but I’m having some personal struggles.  The cloud isn’t completely overshadowing my training efforts but I don’t feel anything like I did during marathon training this summer.

Being back in shape will help me feel my best and surely alleviate some of the sadness I’ve been feeling.

Basically, I need to make the decision to fully commit and just get back in the game.

Fine.  Okay.  Doing it.  Fine.  Okay.  6 miles today.  Yes.


5 thoughts on “Make the Decision

  1. JenJ says:

    You. Can. Do. It!

  2. earthedangel says:

    Hey there, Shauna, I miss youuuuuuu, come back to your blog! 🙂

  3. […] last I blogged, I was having a pretty tough start to the year.  It was probably the poor leadership of President […]

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