Race Recap – Nitro Turkey 5k

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2013 was a phenomenal year of racing.  I met all of my goals: PR’ing every distance and completing several new ones including triathlon and a full marathon.  Aaaaaaaand, I’m DONE.  The Diablo trail 5k was tough because I was sick but what was so distressing about that race was that I felt like I had no inner fire or fight.

I initially registered for the Nitro Turkey 10k expecting it to be my last opportunity to PR that distance.  When I got my PR at Let’s Go 510, I was still very excited for Nitro because I would get the first part of an UNBELIEVABLE DOUBLE TURKEY CHALLENGE CONNECTOR MEDAL.  And I am a complete blingwhore.  I also looked forward to like thinking about gratitude and whatever on Thanksgiving.  I guess…

I woke up feeling ambivalent.  With my wedding and a very important audition nearing, I am under quite a bit of pressure.  As I drove out to Point Pinole, I attempted to pump myself up with fun music but also contemplated dropping down to the 5k.  It’s a holiday!  I’ve worked hard this year!  It’s not a super punk move, right?  Right?

Last time I ran at Pt. Pinole (in the summer!) it was FREEZING so I layered up.  To my delight, the weather was perfect when I arrived.  Brisk but absolutely comfortable.  This was one of the most popular Brazen events of the year so there were tons of people, including kids doing their own trot.  Super cute.  I love Brazen.  As you know.

I picked up my bib, slunk over to the distance change booth, felt like a punk for about 4 seconds, and then got over it.  As soon as I turned on my charged Garmin and got the “low battery alert” (HOW AND WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN), I felt like I had made the right choice.  This clearly was not my day.

Where's Shauna? She's in neon orange looking down at her malfunctioning f*cking watch.

Where’s Shauna? She’s in neon orange looking down at her malfunctioning f*cking watch.

Not much to report about the race itself.  Point Pinole is beautiful but I didn’t really care.  With no Garmin to curb my start line enthusiasm, I started too fast.  As much as I told myself that “this is what a 5k is supposed to feel like!” I was not a happy girl.  My tummy felt off and to get my heart rate down, I took a few walk breaks.  That voice inside me that usually that screams “DON’T WALK!  KEEP FIGHTING!!!” murmured “go ahead and walk.  Who gives a shit?  It’s a holiday?  You apparently can’t run 3 miles even though you ran a marathon this year.  Ah well…”  

As I approached the finish, I kicked it in and ran down some sweet couple celebrating Thanksgiving.  I apparently had about 4 seconds of competitive drive that I chose to cash in at that moment.  Because I’m nice like that.

Happy!  To be done.

Happy! To be done.

Part of me is a bit concerned that I’m burned out but I truly think I’m just done with this amazing year.  I also didn’t have a race plan which seems to be essential for me.  Yes, it’s a fun run and yes, I would love to run more by feel but I should recognize that having at least a vague plan gets my head around the race.  Looks like every race really does teach you something, even a turkey trot!


Official Time: 31:54 (not a personal worst.  Woo!), AG: 9/52, Overall: 115/591


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