On Sleepiness…

It’s 2:47 and I’m a sleepy girl!

005I can’t get over this picture.  It makes me laugh and squee every single time.  Also, I think if someone tossed me a stuffed dog right now, this would happen.

Not sure why I’m so sleepy!  My freelance schedule is enviable but the work I do requires me to be fully present, creative, engaged, and energetic in every single moment.  If I’m well-rested and well-fed, I often end a lesson feeling more alive than when I arrived.  On the days where my tank is low, I give everything I have and feel satisfied but depleted afterward.  Teaching voice is a LOT like training in that way!  I’ve had typical 9-5 jobs and found them draining in a different way.  Without question, I prefer being drained because I’ve shared my passion and energy vs. being drained by inertia and boredom.  Training typically infuses my teaching with an additional boost of vitality.  As long as I bring a snack.  Otherwise, I rally to be a sunbeam in the lesson and as soon as the lesson is over, I’m a raging beyotch or a cranky, weepy puddle.  Larabars for the win.

So, on a dozy day like today, I sneak my practicing in before, between, and after students when I’m still in the mental work zone.  I have a two hour break before my next block of teaching.  Instead of more much-needed practicing, I’m curled up on the couch watching ‘Top Chef’ and sharing this with you!  I did a sweaty indoor cycling workout first thing so there’s no pressure to use this time to fit in a workout.  Phew!

I realize this is a really “cool story, bro….” post.  I’m okay with that.

Other key to surviving a sleepy day:


Bootie socks?  I'm making them a thing.

Bootie socks? I’m making them a thing.

Happy sleepy Thursday!


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