RACE RECAP – Diablo Trail Adventure 5k (The Rematch)

I ran this race last year in 29:19.

I placed 4th in my AG by 30 seconds.

I blew out my energy on the 1.5 mile ascent and found myself so exhausted coming down the hill that I actually had to walk portions of the return.

I was pissed.

* * *

I ran this race today in 31:46.

I placed 4th in my AG by a minute.

I blew out my energy on the 1.5 mile ascent and found myself so exhausted coming down the hill that I actually had to walk portions of the return.

I was pissed.

* * *

I’m a marathoner!  I just ran a 9:16 average in a 10k?!

I wanted redemption.  I wanted my first AG place.

How did this happen?

When I took off up the hill, I got stuck behind and between some folks but still managed to hit my planned 9:20 within the first quarter mile.  Almost immediately, my breathing was super heavy and I had to pulled back the pace.  I also had an alarming twinge in my knee that I’ve never felt before.  I promised myself that if I felt it again, I would stop and walk the rest of the race.    The first mile buzzed at just under 10:00.  Fine.  I continued on, figuring I was just warming up and looking forward to turning around in half a mile.

The aid station came about 0.25mi before the turnaround.  I skipped it, intending to stop for water and to catch my breath on the way back.  This was a slow pace, even for a hilly course and my lungs were BURNING.

Through the aid station, I attempted some encouraging self-talk but it was way too late.  I didn’t have a particularly positive attitude coming into the race and I definitely didn’t pump myself up during the first couple miles.  I held out as long as I could but stopped to walk right around mile 2.  I felt totally defeated.  Could I seriously not run three hilly miles?  That sucks.  Also, why do my arms hurt?

I ran as much as I could, as quickly as I could and tried to enjoy the downhill advantage.  With half a mile and a steep downhill, I noticed a youngish couple in front of me.  The woman looked like she could have been anywhere between 26 and 32.  I kicked it into gear but so did they and I couldn’t run them down.  I prayed to Jew God that she was a twentysomething, just in case I was miraculously close to placing.  I had no illusions that I had placed, I just didn’t want to be edged out by ten stupid seconds.

I got my massive butterfly medal which was a major upgrade from last year’s tarantula.  Gross.    After four cups of water and two cups of Ultima, my lungs were still burning.  That is highly unusual.  Typically, my heart rate comes down almost immediately and I feel fine.  I found myself wheezing and coughing which is a completely new experience.  I waited around for about 20 min for the results to be updated.

4th.  Again.  Seriously?  That’s just annoying.

(Happily, that girl with the boyfriend/husband/brother was 27 and the 3rd place finisher was a minute ahead of me.  I’d much rather be a minute behind than know that one of my walking breaks cost me the glory of a 3rd place AG finish in a tiny trail race.  Perspective: I has it.)

I drove home feeling really disappointed in myself.  Okay, it’s a small race and no, I didn’t train specifically for it.  But still!  I’ve been very consistent over the last year and the improvements in my mental game should have locked this for me.  Too bad I didn’t apply any of those improvements and basically ran exactly the same race as last year but slower.  Crappy and lame.

I got home, whined to Tim and took a shower.  Lungs still burning.  Strange.  Also, freezing, even after a hot shower.  And then the coughing started and hasn’t stopped since.  We’re talking wheezy, phlegmy, skip tonight’s rehearsal coughing.


Well, that explains why I couldn’t even run 10 minute miles and my fricking arms were sore while I was running.  Also explains the dread I felt this morning.  But honestly, I could have pushed and placed.  I could have been relentlessly positive as I have been in all of my recent races.  I could have raced smarter up the hill and faster down the hill but at least I understand why I ran nearly 3 minutes slower than last year.

So, that sucked.  I’m still sucking wind.

See you next year, Diablo.




7 thoughts on “RACE RECAP – Diablo Trail Adventure 5k (The Rematch)

  1. clair says:

    Well, now the wheezing makes sense. Ugh, hope you’re better soon!

  2. I know it wasn’t your goal, but still – Great job on your time! I am sorry you are sick! I hope you feel better soon. I ran this race today too!

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  4. […] I’ve run the 5K event twice, I was familiar with the first hill.  It’s not long but it’s fairly steep and can […]

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