A Tuesday in the Life

I enjoy the occasional “day in the life” post!

If you don’t, no worries! See ya next time!   Here’s a bitstrip to reward your visit:


I chose today because I did all the things I enjoy so I figured it’s a good representation of my life.

6:50am – My beloved woke me up with a kiss goodbye.  I woke up, puttered a bit, got into my running clothes and headed to the gym…

7:50 – …by way of Burger King.  I really love a biscuit sandwich with ham and cheese (no egg).  It is not healthy.  I do not care. My only concern was whether it was going to go right through me during the speed workout I had planned.  I briefly debated either going to Dailey Method or doing a cycling workout instead.  In the spirit of taking chances and learning, I opted to do my planned workout and if I had to run for the gym bathroom, no biggie!

8:00 – Operation: Get Fast(er) begins!  I did the awesome treadmill hill/speed workout created by Laura @ 50 by 25 for Ashley @ Healthy Happier Bear.  I opted to run the walking recovery intervals at 5.0.  I also ran for 10 minutes to warm up before begin the workout proper.  The paces don’t look terribly intimidating and the workout is short but I was DRIPPING sweat.  It was awesome (no tummy trubs!) and a great first workout after committing to increasing my speed.

[Insert sarcastic comment about being sexy.]

[Insert sarcastic comment about being sexy.]

9:00 – Grocery shopping in an attempt to stop eating Chipotle for every meal.

10:00 – Foam roll, stick, pet kitties, shower.  Tidy up house for impending student arrival.

10:30 – Sneak in a half hour of practicing before my first student arrives.  I’m preparing for an upcoming audition and one of my new arias is Donna Elvira’s “In quali eccessi, o Numi…Mi tradi” from Don Giovanni.  I focused on the recitative (sung dialog) and some of the faster sections of the aria.  I’m in the process of re-tooling some aspects of my technique (not so unlike training myself to run faster, actually) but I will not elaborate since my blog readers aren’t really the target audience for that conversation.  Feel free to ask singing questions in the comments, if you’re curious!

11:00 – Teach two wonderful singers.  Both are adult women who sing recreationally and are wonderful musicians and diligent students.  I’m really fortunate to have a wide range of age and experience levels in my voice studio.  It’s such a fascinating and entertaining job!

1:00 – More practicing.  How we do…

1:30 – Lunch date with my beezy Sonja!  Tacos, laughs, and lots of swimming talk.  She moved back to the Bay Area after getting her MBA at Michigan (um, NBD!) and I’m so, so, so happy to have her near.

4:00 – Lesson with a fabulous high school student!  Talented, smart, and engaged.  What more can a teacher ask for?

5:00 – Done for the day!  I had planned to attend Dailey Method at 5:45 but I felt super low energy so I headed home to my man.  I spent a couple hours reading the libretto of Don Giovanni to flesh out my Donna Elvira interpretation and read everything I had on my shelf about the opera.  Not unlike athletic endeavors, there’s a lot of beneficial study and visualization that greatly enhances performance.

Selfies with Lola also enhance performance.  Elvira totes had a cat.

Selfies with Lola also enhance performance. Elvira totes had a cat.

7:00 – Dinner.  More reading. G-chatting with my NY pace doppelganger Leticia who is running the NYC Marathon this weekend!  SO AWESOME!

8:00 – Biggest Loser.  Ice cream (so perverse).  Blogging.

The blogging was the most challenging activity of the day.  #helpercat

The blogging was the most challenging activity of the day. #helpercat

9:00 – BEDTIME!

Sweet dreams!



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