Happy Monday!



I’ve been told a number of times by a number of runners that I am “faster than I think.”  It’s sweet when people say this but it’s not completely accurate.

I’m faster than I run.

Case in point.

Remember this? Case in point.

And definitely faster than I race.

Last week’s 10K took me by surprise.  I would neeeeeeever have planned to run 6 miles at a 9:17 average two weeks after the marathon.  I only ran that pace a handful of times in the last five months and never for that long.  And honestly, it wasn’t that hard.

Now that I’ve completed all of my 2013 running goals (!!!!!!!),  I’ve thought a lot about what’s next.  I have some specific races and some semi-insane race fantasies but the big goal is speed.  Despite my conservative approach, I’ve grown tremendously as a runner.  Now it’s time to actually listen to my body and not only run to my current potential on a regular basis (um, see above graphic)  but to push the boundaries and get even faster.



So what does this mean?

* A weekly interval session.  (Time to hit the track! Eek!)

* A weekly tempo, progression or steady state run.

* A weekly long(er) run about 30 seconds faster than my LSD pace during marathon training.

This all really hit home when I plugged a sub-2hr half marathon goal into the McMillan calculator and it spit out…



Time to get to work!

What’s your favorite speed workout?  How do you push the limits when it’s so comfy and happy not to?  


3 thoughts on “Fast(er)

  1. Kimra says:

    I really like all the speed workouts in Run Less, Run Faster — which might align well with your goals overall, if you haven’t checked it out. I cannot ever hit the track paces it suggests for me, but that also takes the pressure off and I just run as hard as I can. I like workouts with lots of 400s (8-12×400 or sets of 400s at easy, medium, and hard efforts) or, weirdly, mile repeats.

    • Shauna says:

      This is fantastic, Kimra. I actually have it and have e-leafed through it but haven’t read the whole thing. It completely aligns with my goals, including base building for tri season while training for Oakland Half in March. Thank you so much for reminding me of this book!

  2. […] 8:00 – Operation: Get Fast(er) begins!  I did the awesome treadmill hill/speed workout created by Laura @ 50 by 25 for Ashley @ Healthy Happier Bear.  I opted to run the walking recovery intervals at 5.0.  I also ran for 10 minutes to warm up before begin the workout proper.  The paces don’t look terribly intimidating and the workout is short but I was DRIPPING sweat.  It was awesome (no tummy trubs!) and a great first workout after committing to increasing my speed. […]

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