Happy Thursday!

It’s been almost two weeks since the Portland Marathon!  Uneventful?  Not so much…


Getting reservations at The French Laundry would be a big deal under any circumstances but in this case, it’s mega big because..


After nearly 5 years, 3 of those engaged, Tim and I are getting married!  I’m thrilled to finally have a date.  Mostly so I have an answer to “when are you getting married” which I’ve been asked for like the last 1100 days.   Since getting the reservation, I’ve been in an internet research tornado.  Photographers, hair stylists (ughhhhhh), earrings and SHOES!  Strong possibilities are pinned and actually, my dress is somewhere on this board!  Any guesses?

Today,  a big ole Zappos shipment arrived with bridal shoes and jewelry!

Merlin was non-plussed.

Merlin was non-plussed.

Part of me feels bad ordering things I know I will probably return but how can you help yourself with Zappos?  They’re SO AWESOME.  Also, they totally reached out to me on Twitter which I love.  Free shipping both ways, 365 day returns and almost next-day delivery?  Come on.

Since we are eloping in the stunningly beautiful San Francisco City Hall, I don’t get to (slash “don’t HAVE to”) make all the typical wedding decisions.



Rotunda Interior


As a lover of all things aesthetic, it’s a bit of a bummer not to get to choose gorgeous stationary, centerpieces, etc.  However, as someone who gets crying decision fatigue in point two seconds, it’s a huge relief.  Limiting my decisions to photographer, shoes, dress, jewelry, and flowers is quite enough.



050More jewelry is en route.  Please feel free to weigh in with your favorites in the COMMENTS.  I’m all about decision by committee.  Oh, and if you have a recommendation for a Bay Area hairstylist who WILL NOT MAKE ME LOOK PROMY please bring it.



3 thoughts on “Briiiiiiidezillaaaaaaa!

  1. Mary Sue says:

    So exciting…congratulations on setting the date! Eloping is a great way to do things. I don’t know what your dress will look like, but I love those blue shoes.

  2. Clair says:

    Two sets of friends used the same photographer, and he was awesome. Let me know if you want his info. Also, the woman who’s been cutting my hair for years is phenomenal and will not make you look like an 80s prom queen. You can find her here:

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