Exactly One Week

It is exactly one week before the start of the Portland marathon.

How do I feel?

* Calm.
* Ready.
* Slightly Detached.
* Bloated.
* Proud.

Taper has been pretty weird. The first week still had like 29 miles (?) which is a high mileage week for me so while my mind thought I should be on easy street, my schedule said otherwise. Runs went fine but for some reason I kept being surprised at the mileage of the day. I also learned a new runner truth: successfully running 20 miles doesn’t make 12 short. That last long run was one of my most miserable of the training cycle.

Last week, I thought I would dramatically curb my eating since the mileage had decreased. I’ve gained several pounds of mostly water weight during training and I’ve been conflicted as to whether I should try to drop it. Apparently I wasn’t that conflicted because I ate like a ten year old at a birthday party.


In the peak weeks, I was very emotional. All happy emotions but I literally cried during several runs. I’ve been quite surprised that as the race approaches, it feels further away. My training runs are emotionless and even my favorite songs have no visceral impact.

* In an odd instance of energy transference, I’ve become incredibly enthusiastic about developing the performing side of my career. I’ve identified an important audition I plan to take and have been practicing and studying more than I have in years. It’s like I’m still going at full throttle but my mind knew I needed a break from full marathon obsession. Mental taper! FASCINATING!

I’m currently in Seattle celebrating my dad’s 60th birthday. We rented out a suite at the Mariners game (hence the cake) and lived it up VIP-style. It was so much fun to spend the afternoon with family and friends I don’t get to see very often. Every conversation was about the marathon and all I could do was quietly smile, knowing that in a week I was going to do the thing.

It’s almost here.


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