Let’s Go 510!

Oh haaaaaai!

I am through the unbelievable * * * WEEK OF POWER * * * culminating in 20 miles.  Twenty frickin’ miles.

I am officially tapering.

I’ve got a LOT to tell you about both of those things but today I get the pleasure of announcing something SUPER COOL!

Actually, it’s more than super cool.




Let’s just talk about the East Bay for a second.  If you don’t already know,  I am a nearly-lifetime Oakland resident with a tremendous amount of East Bay love and pride.   We’ve got amazing restaurants, fantastic weather, fascinating and diverse folks, more Priuses (Pri-i) than you can swing your messenger bag at…  It’s a great place and finally has a rad race to celebrate it!

Let’s Go 510 is a 10K that starts at Golden Gate Fields, cruises down along the shoreline and marina and back to finish on the Golden Gate Field HORSETRACK!  How cool is that??

The race is being jointly presented on Saturday, October 19th by Represent Running and Brazen Racing.  While I haven’t run a Represent race, I’ve run many Brazen races and they’re excellent.  Very organized with great food, wonderful energy and the BEST bling (please be green and gold, please be green and gold, OAKTOWNBABY!!!!!!).  Between the flat course, cool bay temps, and 510 energy, this is going to be an unmissable 10k.

I am thrilled to be an ambassador for this event.  I hope this becomes an annual celebration of the hellatude that is the East Bay.  I also hope you ALL come out and run with me!  It’s only a couple weeks after the marathon so whether it’s a fun run or my push for a 10k PR, remains to be seen.  Either way, it’s going to be HELLA.  FUN.

Five and Dime.

Five and Dime.

Are you coming out to run with your fellow 510-ers?  Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Go 510!

  1. meghan says:

    Congrats on being chosen as an ambassador! That’s so much fun!! And congrats on taper! Enjoy it!

  2. […] was so pleased to be an ambassador for the inaugural Let’s Go 510 10k, a co-production of Represent Running and Brazen […]

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