The Best Day!

Yesterday was a wonderful day!

It started with 9 miles.  You know – just a regular mid-week 9 mile run.

Because that is a NORMAL THING.

After a confidence boosting run on Tuesday, I decided to run the 9 by feel and not hold back.

Oh!  Oh!  May I get a BOOYAH?

Oh! Oh! May I get a BOOYAH?

Last week when I was feeling a little bummed about my paces, this is exactly what I thought I should be seeing.  The route started downhill and I programmed three miles of chill music.  As I cruised down to the lake, I felt so happy and so amazing.  Sometimes running is intimidating and sometimes it’s hard.  Sometimes, I actually love it.  I always love the accomplishment of finishing a workout.  In this moment, I loved the physical experience of running.  I was in the moment.

The rest of the run many equally awesome moments.  ESPECIALLY when ‘Radioactive’ by Imagine Dragons came on.  It’s a new addition to my playlist and I seriously felt like a hardcore beast running machine.  It was AWESOME.  Like so, so awesome.  That’s a song that I’m saving for the three big long runs: 18, 20, and Portland.

I had to sub for a friend at TDM so I headed over there, wiped the salt off my face (no, I didn’t have time to shower.  You’re welcome.  So profesh.)  It was a very quiet shift so I had the chance to do a little #TBT instagramming.

I was a baby!

I was a baby!

By the end of the shift, I was nearing the crying hunger stage.  I zoomed over to Chipotle and inhaled some tacos.  I have to say, I used to pooh-pooh Chipotle because we have such amazing Mexican food in the Bay Area.  It’s definitely not the best Mexican but it’s clean.  Yes, I just said “clean.”  I hate that but it’s true and increasingly important to me.  Carnitas tacos have become my go-to 565 calorie lunch.  Super filling, lots of veggies but enough fat to satisfy my palate.

I’ve been tracking my food with MyFitnessPal for a couple weeks now and it’s really changed the way I’m eating.  This deserves an entire post but I will say that one of the challenges in tracking is eating things that are not healthy.  Yesterday I burned about 900 calories on the run and knew I would burn another 400 or so at Dailey Method.  I was drawn toward an ice cream treat but felt reluctant, knowing I would have to see how many calories it was.  But I had way more than enough calories available.  An important aspect of balance for me is not swinging too far in either direction and if you can’t have ice cream on a 1300 calorie burn day, that’s just silly.

Chocolate Orange.  Cookies and Cream. Caramel Sauce.

Chocolate Orange. Cookies and Cream.
Caramel Sauce.

It was beyond delicious and absolutely worth every spent calorie.  It was from Ici, an incredible ice cream shop that uses only the highest quality ingredients.  Knowing that I wasn’t eating any funky chemicals, just sugarycreamybuttery goodness actually made me feel better about the choice.

Next on the great day agenda: Dailey Method!  Took a kick-ass class with Susannah and sweated caramel.  YUM.

I had a brief break before teaching and grabbed dinner at my favorite sushi place.  I had never been there during the early evening hours and had my great day MADE when I discovered they have a HAPPY HOUR!  MY ROLLS WERE $3.95 EACH.  OMGAHHHHHHHHHHH!

NO better way to spend $8.00.

NO better way to spend $8.00.

Finished up with some fun teaching and went to sleep happy and fulfilled.




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