Truthy Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, right?

* I’m still recovering from ten wonderful but draining days commuting to a choir camp about 1.5 hours away.  The kids were fantastic but teaching eight students in a row is intense.  So is about 4 hours a day of commuting.

So much driving.  So much Diet Coke.

So much driving. So much Diet Coke.

* During the commutes, I became completely addicted to the Jillian Michaels Podcast.  It’s so inspiring, informative, and funny.  She and Janice are hilarious together.  I highly, highly recommend.  If you think you know Jillian as the hardcore ball-buster, that’s only one facet of her personality.  She’s actually very sweet and goofy.  I love her.

* Marathon training is really on.  It’s been on for 10 weeks already (how is THAT possible?) but hitting 15 took it to a new level.  So does today’s random 8 miler.  Remember what that was a long run?  Me too!  I have a strange combination of feelings about it.  It feels manageable from day to day which is good.  I feel strong and healthy which is awesome.  All the runs have been right on target which is fantastic.  And yet…’s still inconceivable.  And further yet…….it will happen.  

* I miss my bike!  I think I’m going to make time for a ride tomorrow.  When I was deep into triathlon training, I really felt like a triathlete.  I was equally invested in all three sports and reading about triathlon constantly.  My athletic identity had shifted away from “runner” and that was surprising to me.  It was partly due to the injury that sidelined me but more a result of triathlon immersion.  Now it’s all about the running and while I’ve completed triathlons, I know I won’t feel like a triathlete again until I begin my next training cycle.  And it’s going to be for a 70.3.  So if you’re reading, there’s a big ole confession squished into a random paragraph.  So don’t act like I didn’t tell ya!

* Today is seriously the best day ever.   This morning was my first long mid-week run.  8 miles on a Tuesday?  What what?!  Then a lovely student.  Then a big bowl of yummy lunch.

Next up: Dailey Method, delicious ice cream treat from Ici, then TV and pizza with my beloved.  We flew through Orange is the New Black so I’m thinking we’ll start either House of Cards or Orphan Black.  So so so my happy place.  After an insanely busy week, it’s amazing to have so much free time.

* Speaking of food, I’m pondering maybe experimenting with chemical free.  I’ve mentioned this to a couple friends who have laughed in my face (via text, naturally.  Who sees people?)

Yeah, I know.  I will have to remove the intravenous Diet Coke drip.

When telling my bestie, she said “so, you mean you’re going organic?”


I guess?  Is that what that is?  I really don’t like that sound of that at all.  I already drive a Prius, have a blog, freelance in the arts, and listen to This American Life.  How much more of a Bay Area cliché can I be?  Orgaaaaaaanic?  Ugh.

I also have a family full’a cancer.  So, might be time to disconnect.  From the Diet Coke IV.  Delicious synthetic lifeblood.

* This weekend, I am running a trail half marathon with 3000 feet of gain.  I am really excited.  It’s going to feel great on my body and I have no time pressure whatsoever.  I might even stop and eat the oreos at the aid station!

* As soon as I started running this morning, I realized I had forgotten sunscreen.  My back currently looks like this:

[Just spent about 5 min trying to take a back selfie.  No success.  Imagine some serious tan lines.]

Point being, maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about the chemicals I’m ingesting and worry a bit more about getting skin cancer.  Or maybe both.  And also the fact that less than two years of running has aged my face ten years.  No joke.

* Ramble complete!  Enjoy your Tuesday!



3 thoughts on “Truthy Tuesday

  1. You’re really making me want to listen to Jillian. I love podcasts but tried Jillian once and was unsure. And I *saw* that 70.3 admission! Woohoo!! I am feeling like a triathlete right now more than a runner as well!

  2. JenJ says:

    Agreed on the Jillian podcast, she’s brilliant. And wahey on the Ironboy (as I like to call it). That’s awesome. 🙂

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