Yesterday, was the best run I’ve ever had.

I cried happy tears.  Twice.

On Saturday, I will run my second half marathon!    My goal for the race is simply to beat my PR of 2:15:45 (10:29 avg) from October.   My most recent long run was riddled with mistakes, including going out too fast.  I’ve historically been good at conserving my energy (arguably being a bit too conservative) and I’d like to take that approach for this weekend’s race as well as the marathon.  For yesterday’s six mile run, I planned to execute my pacing for miles 1-6.  That meant around 10:20 for the first four miles and then up to 10:00 for the remaining two.  I also wanted to practice being much nicer to myself by saying positive things and re-framing any negative thoughts that showed up.

I began to run and things felt great.  So I told myself that!  Starting the positive thinking right away!  It always takes a couple minutes for the lap pace on my Garmin to settle but I kept an eye on it until it hit 10:20.  At that point, I focused on how my body felt and my breathing pattern.  I chose to save my music for the second half, as I will in the race.  It was nice to have a specific pace to focus on at the beginning of a longish run so I didn’t feel daunted by the distance.  As I warmed up, I noticed the pace creeping down.  Instead of worrying that I was going to go out to fast and have a miserable run, I noted how great I felt and just kept telling myself to dial it back.

First mile clocked in at 10:02.  Oops!  I felt wonderful.  Dial it back.

Mile 2: 10:15.  Gave myself a pat on the back and continued to challenge myself to dial it back.

Mile 3: 10:04.  Still feels really great!  I began to realize that I had chosen 10:20 somewhat arbitrarily as a pace that would feel very comfortable and force me to hold back energy for later.  Clearly yesterday, that pace was closer to 10:00.

Mile 4:  9:57. Turnaround point + music = Shauna let out of the zoo!  If I hadn’t made a very concerted effort to hold back, this mile would have been much faster.  This was also the point I had happy tears for the first time.  I felt so good, so successful, so strong.  I was joyful!  I spent the next mile considering the possibility that I could feel joy during Saturday’s half.  Or all the time?

Mile 5:  9:35. Rather than practicing the first half of my race strategy, I was clearly executing the back half.  So great!  At this point, I stopped holding back and just enjoyed my music and how amazing I was feeling.  I had heard the word “phenomenal” float through my mind about thirty times by this point.

Mile 6:  9:15.  So happy.  So happy. SO SO SO SO HAPPY.  Seriously kicked it in for the last quarter mile and felt like I turned into a bicycle!  That’s where the happy tears showed up for the second time.






2 thoughts on “Phenomenal

  1. JenJ says:

    Wee for negative splits. Go and get that PR on Sunday!!!

  2. Velia says:

    It’s your party and you can cry if you want! ❤ ❤ ❤

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