2013 – Part 1 Done!

We’re halfway through 2013!


Let’s check in!

Here are the things I stated that I will do:

* I will PR all distances (5k, 10k, half marathon).

Not quiiiiite yet.  I expected to get the 10k AND half marathon PR’s knocked out in March but I had to DNS both scheduled races due to posterior tibial tendonitis.  I’ve recovered and got my 5k PR at See Jane Run!  Woot!  I have a half marathon scheduled next month as a training race for Portland.  I expect to PR there.  Just gotta get a 10K on the schedule…

* I will become a wife.

Not yet.  Not behind on this one, unless you consider being engaged for almost three years “behind.”  If you do, there’s a delightful movie starring Emily Blunt and Jason Segal that you should see.  We’re getting married in November or at the latest, the first week of December so I should get this one in just under the wire.  

* I will become a triathlete.


* I will run the Chicago  Portland Marathon.

Not yet.  Training has begun!  Lots of miles and PR’s between now and October 6th.  

So basically, I’m nailing it right?

In the last six months, I have:

* Dealt with my first semi-significant injury and regained much of my lost running fitness.

* Improved my swimming, including open water swimming!

* Maintained my weight, mostly….

* Learned to LOVE cycling.  Not sure I saw that one coming back in January

* Stayed committed to triathlon training and absolutely loved it.

* Rode my bike with friends and had a great time!

* Joined a triathlon club and met an awesome training partner.

* Purchased my wedding dress.  I swear, we’re totally getting married.

* Blogged on the regular!

2013 has been pretty amazing so far.  Only becoming a marathoner and married lady in the second half of the year can top the first half!

How’s your year going?  Meeting goals?  Changing goals?  Crushing goals?


4 thoughts on “2013 – Part 1 Done!

  1. Sarah says:

    I am a terrible goal maker/keeper.
    BUT I will say that this post and your new bike skillz made me think of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GugsCdLHm-Q

  2. Dash says:

    Great post! Seems like a good time to revisit some of my resolutions …
    (Now I’m trying to remember all of them!)

  3. You’re having an awesome year. It’s so cool to see that we’re on the same page with triathlon stuff. I just need to get an actual race under my belt with all the training I’ve been doing. Congrats on improving your open water swimming. That’s the part that I need to get more experience doing. And YES to learning to love cycling. I NEVER would have planned to be loving cycling this much at the beginning of this year.

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