Truthy Tuesday

* It’s Tuesday somewhere, right?  Isn’t that how that works?

* A couple years ago, I went to Hong Kong to visit one of my best friends who plays in the Hong Kong Philharmonic.  (It’s often a day ahead there, which is why I thought of it.)  It was UHMAZING.  I did not expect to absolutely fall in love with it.  I’m not the intrepid traveler type, like my siblings who backpack all over the world.  At that time, I was still in the emotional fetal position because my comfort zone was so small.  Since Hong Kong was under British rule until relatively recently, it’s very accessible to an American.  People speak English!  In China!  Maybe it sounds lame but since Asia is so profoundly different culturally, it was a huge relief to have signs that I could read.  Beyond that incredibly superficial reason for enjoying a country, it was beautiful.  I had no idea that there was so much natural beauty there.  Many parts were hilly and lush and gorgeous in addition to the parts that were urban and congested.  SO.  COOL.  And the food.  Holy shit.  Give me all the monies so I can go back and eat infinity XLB.

At the famous Harbor light show.  It's neat.

At the famous Harbor light show. It’s neat.

* On that trip, my incredibly fit friend dragged my completely jet-comatose ass to a boot camp at 6am.  This was about a month before I began my 30 day challenge and started this blog!  So, I was not fit.  I don’t remember much from it besides struggling to run around the field as a warm-up, and being the worst partner ever in some kind of sandbag relay.  I think there was a TRX component that I did pretty well on, meaning I didn’t feel like I was going to perish and no one was yelling at me.  I agreed because a Lululemon ambassador was going to be there and my friend had the inside scoop that there was going to be a sweet giveaway.  At the end of one of the most painful hours of my life, I was rewarded with a limited edition scuba hoodie that, no joke, retails for $150.  And I decided I wanted to get fit and never feel that pathetic again in my life.

Nat and I in front of Big Buddha - the world's tallest outdoor seated bronze Buddha, before 2007.  Note EARNED Scuba Hoodie.

Nat and I in front of Big Buddha – the world’s tallest outdoor seated bronze Buddha, before 2007. Note EARNED Scuba Hoodie.

* If you weren’t aware of the Texas State Senator Wendy Davis’s filibuster yesterday, read this article.  She’s basically an Ironman.  Oh except at the end of her endurance event, the incredibly sketchy Texas State Senate took an illegal vote on a controversial bill that restricts abortion and then tried to dummy the time-stamp on the documents to make them look legit.  And I don’t think she got a medal but hopefully today she’s getting a massage and eating a lot of french fries.  Let’s give a hand to Twitter for partially ensuring that that the massively hypocritical law-breaking did NOT slide. (She can’t go to the bathroom for 12 hours or her filibuster ends but they can vote at 12:03?  GET REAL)  Truth: I am fascinated by the political process and used to follow politics quite closely.  I now find them so demoralizing and disgusting that I can barely stand to keep up.

* Hong Kong and filibusters.  Slightly off topic but hey, I occasionally think about things other than my posterior tibial tendon and the weather in Portland on October 6th 2013.

* I promised yesterday to write more about whether or not I’m going to capitalize on my new swimming confidence and do an Olympic tri this season.  I still don’t know.  For weeks, I’ve felt like I wanted nothing more than to give triathlon a big hug and temporarily turn away to make sure that I get through 26.2 with no more than a light grimace.  Oh, but the temptation of another amazing accomplishment this season is SO hard to resist, especially when I feel tantalizingly close to being able to complete it.

I already planned to cycle once and swim twice as cross training but with only running events on the horizon.  IF I could stick to that, doing two swims and one run a week that get incrementally longer, I could easily get to the distances needed for an oly.  Specifically, this one on August 11th.  Far enough from now and far enough from the marathon.  I would not be following a training plan.  Running would have to be the priority.  It feels insane but also very, very doable.  I thiiiiiiiink I would be able to keep my mind in check and find a balance between respecting the difficulty of the Oly but truly prioritizing the marathon.  I’m definitely trying to talk myself into it being okay rather than out of doing it.  It will certainly be better to PR the olympic distance next season if I take it way easy and just do it for fun this year……

Any triathletes wanna weigh in here?  Is an Olympic 2 months out from a marathon no big deal?  Am I making a huge mistake?

Huge mistake


* I MISS DAILEY METHOD.  I miss it so much.  I’m going SEVERAL TIMES next week.  I miss that hard(er) body feeling.  I miss my abs.  I miss my fun instructors.  I MISS IT.  That’s one major thumbs down for semi-training for the oly.  I was really looking forward to TDM a few times a week once I shifted gears, away from my gears.  (I am HILARIOUS with the punning!)  Must find way to incorporate it back into my routine.

* Summer is awesome for training because I am barely working.  It is not good for race registration for the same reason.  Yikes.

* I used a volunteer credit to register for a badass race next weekend.

I am going to do the running equivalent of Wendy Davis's filibuster.  NOT.

I am going to do the running equivalent of Wendy Davis’s filibuster. NOT.

My favorite race presenters, Brazen Racing, put on this great endurance event annually.  The Dirty Dozen is a 12 hour fully supported race where participants do as many 3.37 mile loops as they can stand.  Literally.  The Dirty Half Dozen is the same race but with a hour cut-off.  Still insane but marginally less so.  I’m participating in the 6 hour event but I already have a plan to do 3 loops equaling the 10 miles I have on my marathon plan.  I figure my first double-digit run after injury deserves a sweeeeeeet medal.  And a sweatshirt.  AND AN ITS-IT.  THEY SERVE ITS-ITS.  Hence, greatest race presenters on earth.  A friend of mine was the top female finisher in the 6 hour event last year and told me to watch out as it’s a total gateway drug to ultramarathoning.  I said we could discuss that once I get to 26.2.  Truth:  if I can do a marathon, I can do a 50k so I can see that happening.  #accomplishmentwhore

Patience or Oly?  Leave your truthy opinion in the comments….


8 thoughts on “Truthy Tuesday

  1. Chris says:

    Good news! Yes, you can do Olympic and two months later do your marathon. The marathon is a BIG deal so what you can do is stick to your marathon training program and incorporate the Oly training. So, it would work like this:

    Take your weekly calendar for the Oly training program. On the days you have to run, replace that run with the run you need to do for your marathon prep.

    Once your Oly race is completed you can go back to the marathon plan for the weeks leading up to the run. Honestly, you could do an Oly 3 weeks before your marathon and it will benefit you, especially if you are jut doing one to finish not PR. So, the short answer is…
    DO IT!

    • Shauna says:

      You make a COMPELLING case, Chris! I’m 99% read to pull the registration trigger. Just gonna wait until after this weekend to see how I feel. Thanks so much for the input. It’s exactly what I needed to hear!

  2. Amanda says:

    I love the Arrested Development cap. Best show ever.

    And I loooove that you included the article about Wendy Davis. She is such a badass and apparently her coworkers are a bunch of scuzzballs. I want to hug her so hard.

    • Shauna says:

      I just about fell off my chair when I found out that they voted after midnight and DOCTORED THE ONLINE RECORD. In this information age we’re living in, how in the HELL did they think they would get away with THAT MESS?!

      And yes, AD is the best comedy ever made. Tim and I barely even speak in original sentences anymore. We just quote Arrested and do chicken dances at each other to communicate.

  3. Shauna – I’m in the learning how to breath in water stage of Tri training so cant really comment on an Oly. Previous to my current tri dream i did a number of marathons to great or lesser degree of success and would emphasize Chris’ point about sticking to the Marathon running plan. Marathon really requires a lot especially to do it with only a light grimace. So in short if you can do the marathon running required in a robust marathon training plan – go for it, but make sure you do the running part or you will be grimacing.

    • Shauna says:

      Thank you, John! You’re absolutely right. For the last month, my marathon training has been impacted by the two sprint tris I had scheduled. I’m on track with my long runs but I’m looking forward to being fully dedicated to marathon training. The oly prep would be cross training and endurance focused, not speed so it shouldn’t be tough on my body.

      What was your first marathon? 🙂

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