CA Sprint Tri Training – Week Eleven

Well, this will be a short post since I did next to nothing this week.

And feeling absolutely great about that, if my tone didn’t indicate such.  <——sarcasm.

Monday 6/17 – Rest

Much needed.  Last week was intense and my body was feeling telling me all about it.  I was also mojoless.

Tuesday 6/18 – Swim, Bike, Run

Not in that order.  40 easy minutes (11 miles) on the gym bike.  Don’t remember this at all but that’s what workout tracking is for, no?

In the evening, I met up with my awesome training buddy Velia for a swim and run.  It was time to tackle 800 meters in open water to prove to myself that I could do it.  I did it.  It was not pretty though I was pretty miserable (see what I did there?  HAR!)  I’m not sure it did much to build my confidence for this weekend’s race.  I was glad to complete the distance but my enthusiasm for this event is disturbingly non-existent.  More on that when I get truthy tomorrow.  Unlike myself, Velia had a phenomenal swim.  She actually added on an extra 200 meters at the end which scared the SHIT out of me because I thought I had miscounted and only done 600.  When she came back, before even congratulating her on being a waterbeast, I yelled “PLEASE TELL ME YOU ADDED DISTANCE.”  She did.  And well done, girl.  You rock.

THIS gorgeous place?!

THIS gorgeous place?!

We finished the evening with a lovely short run.  Muuuuuuch cooler than the 5 miles we did over the weekend.  It’s so nice to have a friend to chat with while running.  I get why everyone else does that.

Wednesday – Rest 

Not sure why.  Tired from the day before?  Enthusiasmless and lazy?  I have a vague recollection of burying my head in a blanket every time I saw “BRICK” on my calendar.  Switched it to Thursday morning, before my flight.

Thursday – Rest/Travel

Tried to swim before my flight to Seattle.  8 million people in and around the pool.  Literally.

Should have run and didn’t.

Way to get the most out of your last week before taper, Shauna Beth!  <——– bitter sarcasm

Friday – Run, Walk

3 easy miles from my dad’s place in Queen Anne down to the waterfront.  Easy, that is, until the STEEP hill back to the house.  If I wanted to gain 200 feet in a quarter mile, I could have just stayed home.  Thanks.  I did get gorgeous photos though!

I was wearing orange so pretend that's me!

I was wearing orange so pretend that’s me!

More pictures of this run and tasty treats here.

Later in the day, my dad and I took a long walk around his neighborhood.  He’s only a week out of vascular surgery so I’m really proud of him for getting back into his exercise routine.  He also tracks his food in MyFitnessPal.  He’s got an awesome goal of losing 60lbs by his 60th birthday at the end of September.  GO DAD!  LIVE FOREVER PLEASE!

I also tried to go to Flywheel and was cockblocked by traffic.  Again, could have stayed home if I just wanted traffic to ruin my plans.

Saturday – Flywheel Fail #2

Unbelievable.  RnR Seattle was on Saturday and the finish line was a few blocks from my parents’ condo.  Since there was a half and a full marathon, the road closures were in effect most of the day.  We planned for this and left for Flywheel way early.  Only to discover that we were on the wrong side of a major street and wouldn’t be able to get back around in time.  It became clear that the universe was protecting me from something terrible that would have happened had I made it to spinning.  Thanks, bruh.

Sunday – Run


I was nooooooot feeling this run.  It was overcast.  I am up about 8 million pounds. (Same number as the people at the pool on Thursday!  What a coincidence!)

Gave myself the out of doing a short run and pushing my LSD to today.  I figured I’d see how it felt and maybe go long.  I didn’t bring any water or eat any breakfast since I ran out of Larabars and still had a Shishkaberry in my system.

So shishy.

So shishy.

I took the same route down to the water from Queen Anne but this time I went to the left.  I ran along the water, past all the touristy stuff.  There were tons of folks disembarking from a cruise and I had to do a little parkour over and around them.  I kept a cruisy pace (around 10:20) and felt amazing.  I had to stop briefly for some weird pain in my right toes but after stretching, they felt fine.  When I got back to the pedestrian bridge where I’d turned left, I was at 4 miles.  Adding another 1.5 out and back would get me to the 7 on my plan and by far the longest distance since tendonitis.  Aaaaaaand, I wouldn’t even have to run the nasty hill back home!

EXCEPT I DID BECAUSE I HAVE MOJO!  By mile 6, my legs were pretty heavy.  I was ready to stop but as I approached the bridge, I thought I would just go to the end of that.  And then I kept running up the steep ass hill!  Honestly, I had been tracking a few women who were racing Ironman Coeur d’Alene and I seriously thought to myself that if they could do an Ironman, I could keep running for another couple minutes.  I imagined it was the gnarly hill at mile 17 of the Portland Marathon and pushed!  Added almost an additional mile to my plan and finished without any foot pain.


So, I may not fully have my tri mojo but clearly I’m ready and stoked for marathon training.  Just gotta do a little more timed swimming, biking, and running this weekend before I can emotionally close out this training cycle.  If it sounds like I’m not into triathlon, that’s totally not the case.  I’m not into this training cycle any more.  Cool thing is….it’s RACE WEEK!



One thought on “CA Sprint Tri Training – Week Eleven

  1. Velia Villa says:

    A sluggish and draining week usually follows up with a strong one. Despite feeling mojoless you had a great week with a ton of accomplishments. Way to go!! Even while being far away from home you still made an effort to train. Goodness, lady!! An 8 mile run is outstanding and I’m super proud of you!

    I got to have a Shiskaberry!! Now would be nice. Jaja

    PS – Swim and run training just wasn’t as fun while you were gone. Thank goodness you’re back. 🙂

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