Hi. I’m in Seattle…

Please tell me you get that altered quotation….

If not, here’s another quote from the same timeless film.

“It’s like people only do things because they get paid. And that’s just really sad…”

(Name it in the comments. Don’t make me beg.)

Aaaaanyway, I’m in Seattle! Basically all of my awesome family lives here and let me tell you – if I could bring my professional network, my fiancé’s tenured job, and Bay Area weather up here, I would move in half a heartbeat.

It’s such an incredible city in which to be active. (Awk syntax alert!!) Yesterday, I did a short run starting at my parent’s place in Queen Anne and down to the waterfront. The running path and bike path infrastructure down there was awesome. I wished I’d had my bike!

I was wearing an orange jacket so feel free to pretend that I have a personal running photographer (and instagrammer) and that the orange speck is me!

I came upon a random rose garden and it was gorgeous! Note the Space Needle and overcastness as proof that I’m not in Berkeley. Okay, the Space Needle then…

So pretty!


Upon returning, my Dad and I got breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, Tolouse-Petit. It’s so delicious and adorable. I had their pork cheek hash which was featured on Food Network’s Best Thing I Ever Ate.. Had a (two) biscuit(s) too and it was seriously good.

After the run, Rog (aka Rojelio, aka Roger, aka Roheezy, aka Dad) had a meeting so I watched the first five episodes of Family Tree on HBO. If you aren’t watching this, get on board. It’s delightful. Directed by Christopher Guest of Waiting for Guffman. More need not be said.

As I mentioned in previous posts, my dad had vascular surgery last week. I’m so proud to report that he’s already resumed his walking routine! After amazing sandwiches at Homegrown, we took a four mile walk through the neighborhood. Being active with my dad is quite a shift for both of us and I’m thrilled. I basically need him to live until infinity so the walking is essential.

20130622-082059.jpgDad at Homegrown. Check out his sweet neck scar. #prison

20130622-082241.jpgHang on. Ham and Beechers. With shallot relish, arugula, and sage aioli. In my top 5 life sandwich experiences. Go there, stat.

Continuing the trend of “do something on my feet, eat carbohydrates, repeat…”, we had dinner at my faaaaavorite restaurant in Seattle, Cuoco. Incredible everything. Fresh pastas, rosemary fucking LARDO with your bread. Come on. My stepsister and I had a great time figuring out the ranking order of her, myself and our brother Patrick in various categories including strength, sophistication, beauty, and education. We’re mature. We tied for first in maturity.

On today’s agenda, Flywheel (!) and a Mariners game (against the Oakland Athletics YEEEEEUH) where I will probably eat a SHISHKABERRY!

*Blogging from my phone this weekend. I’ll post links to all the restaurants when I return on Sunday!

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