CA Sprint Tri Training – Weeks Nine and Ten

Race week!  Then another peaky week!

Monday 6/3 – Rest 

Lots of race week panic energy!

Tuesday 6/4  – Swim

800 meters straight.  Around the middle, I switched to breast for a lap but otherwise it was just nice, strong freestyle!  Completed it in 19 minutes.  If I could do that on 6/29 in open water, that would be awesome kthnx!

Wednesday 6/5 – Brick

Last brick before Mermaid Tri and it was amazing!  This was the workout with the miraculous run that gave me my mojo back!  Before that, I had an easy loop of Bay Farm Island with some gnarly wind.  Par for the course.  And actually, there is a golf course.  I’m rambling.  It’s because I’m watching Princesses of Long Island while I’m writing this.  They’re phenomenal.

Thursday 6/6 – Rest!

Friday 6/7 – More rest!  And lots of transition practice!

Practice makes leave your helmet in transition!

Practice makes leave your helmet in transition!

Saturday 6/8 – SEE JANE RUN 5k



#triathlete #verklempt

#triathlete #verklempt

Monday 6/11 – Rest and Decompress

I was pretty sore and emotionally spent.  I felt a bit negative about having to continue training immediately after such a successful race.  I took this day to reflect and prepare to get my head back in the game and more importantly in the pool the next day.  I also foam rolled several times.  It hurt.

Tuesday 6/12 – Run, Swim

Oh yeah, I’m training for a marathon!  My long run schedule has been all screwed up due to my pre-Mermaid taper week and last weekend’s races.  Every article and book I read says WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T SKIP YOUR LONG RUNS.  Probably good advice and really stressing me out.  I juggled things around and did 5 miles.  It was my longest run post-tendonitis and felt great.  It was very slow, exactly as it’s supposed to be!

During the swim portion of the Mermaid tri, I thought several times about the 770 meters CST swim.  The most dreaded words “I can’t do that” sadly came into my mind.  When I left that race, I knew I was going to have to spend a lot of time in the water before 6/29.  I planned to do 1200 (800, 400) but at the end of the 800, I had a massive dehydration headache that caused me to hurl in the Home Depot parking lot.  That happened.  But at least the swim happened first.

Wednesday 6/12 – Cycle, Swim

Shitty ride.  I was having a lot of anxiety and didn’t want to be on my bike.  Nope, nope, nope.

The swim was awesome though!  Yes, I characterized a swim as awesome!  12 x 100 and each felt stronger than the last.  Except I apparently left my suit in the gym shower because when I went to pack it up for Saturday’s swim clinic, it was nowhere to be found.  Dammit.

Thursday 6/13 – Brick

I was having a super shitty day and just could not deal with getting on my bike again.  Broke my “no gym bricks” rule (again) and did 45 minutes on the bike (16 miles) followed by 3 slow miles on the treadmill.  I was still dehydrated from the day before but got through the workout strongly.  Also, my dad had vascular surgery that went wonderfully.  PHEW.

This guy.  Safe and sound!

This guy. Safe and sound!

Friday 6/14 – Walk

I’m trying to transition into my marathon training plan without jumping up too far in mileage.  It’s time to go from 3 to 4 days a week and since I also added in a long run this week and the five miler, I opted to do one walk.  I met up with my lovely friend Marissa of the Dirty 30Something podcast for a walk and delicious Greek food.  Best gyro meat I’ve ever had is at Ikaros on Grand Ave. in Oakland.  So delicious.

Saturday 6/15 – Cycle

This.  Ride.  Sucked.

It was so friggin windy.  My feelings about cycling literally change with the wind.  When it’s PUSHING ME, I HATE IT.  As soon as the wind is still or at my back, I absolutely love riding.  At one point, I passed “Dance 10” studio and spent the rest of the ride singing selections from Chorus Line. First in my head.  Eventually out loud.  As I said, it was a tough ride.

Sunday 6/16 – Swim, Run

AWESOME day.  Met up with a new training buddy for a swim at Shadow Cliffs.  We swam 600 meters in the lake and followed it up with a HOT 5 mile run.  I’m going to write a more detailed post about this workout so I’ll just say it was awesome.  I needed 6.5 miles for marathon training so after a relaxing day (and a replacement swimsuit purchase, ughhhh), I ran a couple miles in the evening.  Pretty rad.

A very good couple weeks.  First tri and then a strong, if reluctant training week.

How was your week, dear reader?



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