Truthy Tuesday – Post-Race Thought Dump

* The word “dump” is so gross but I find myself using it a lot.  “PhotoDump”, “ThoughtDump”……yuck.

* I just spent $56 on random tops at so I could get free shipping (saving $7 thankyouverymuch) on the one $10 shirt I really wanted.  My intention was to return the other stuff and BEAT THE SYSTEM MWAHHAHAHAHAH!  Except, if that was really my intention, why didn’t I order ugly things that I would definitely return?  Instead I ordered stuff I wanted and I’m fairly certain I will not return them.  This is called false economy.

* Speaking of shirts, how f*cking CUUUUUUTE is the Mermaid shirt?  I love the color and it is really soft.  I’m in love.


* Last night, I started to re-read Runner’s World’s Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training.  I started to get really psyched!  My foot has been good for a couple months now and having three speedy runs in the span of a week has really boosted my confidence.  I paid close attention to the material on pacing.  Running truly slowly on long runs has been a challenge for me.  It’s going to be so much more important now as marathons are soooo long AND I don’t want to re-injure myself.  According to McMillan and Runner’s World, my easy run and long run pace should be around 10-11 minutes a mile.  Something about that bugs me but if my goal is to finish my first marathon, it’s probably going to be at a 10 minute mile, max.  That is marathon goal pace.  That means long runs are even slower.  I’m writing this out for my own benefit.  Run slowly.  Seriously.  Even now, while the long runs are short.  Get used to it.  Slow down.  Training runs are not the time to prove yourself.  Nobody cares.

* On Twitter, I recently asked my blogger comrades if they blog the way they speak.  I totally do and the above stream of consciousness might give you a bit of insight as to what I’m dealing with 24/7.  A ticker tape of inanity.

* My dad is having surgery on Thursday.  His surgeon has a 99.8% success rate with the procedure and does many of them a day.  That statistic is still not good enough for me and I doubt I will exhale between 11am and 12:30pm when I hear that he’s okay.  He has been my best friend in the world since day birth.  If you have any good wishes to send Seattle-way on Thursday 6/13, I’d be grateful.

* Wait, this post was supposed to be about my post-race thoughts!  BRB, gotta go do a very slow run…

[5.0 / 54:23 / 10:52 average pace.  NO foot pain!  Kept it slow, slow, slow!  Huzzah!]

* Okay, we need to find a better term for an “easy” run.  The thing is, whether it’s an 8 minute mile or an 11 minute mile, it’s tiring!  I’m going with “slow” or “recovery” or “Sisyphean.”

* This afternoon,  I had a massive dehydration headache after swimming 800 meters.  I got out of the pool, drank the rest of the water I brought, and sat with my head between my legs for a good five minutes.  Finally left the gym and threw up in the Home Depot parking lot.  Hashtag? Winning!

* It won’t be Tuesday much longer so tomorrow you can look forward to a “What I Learned From my First Tri” including “What I Want to do Differently on my Second Tri“!

Tuesdaaaaaay Aaaaaafternoooooon….


2 thoughts on “Truthy Tuesday – Post-Race Thought Dump

  1. Theodora says:

    Oh girl…1. Love “tickertape of insanity,” I think I write one of those too. 2. Sending good thoughts to you and your fam. xo

  2. Luke Huston says:

    I approve of the use of the term Sisyphean
    (for whatever that’s worth)

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