Chocolate and Champagne….WE MEET AGAIN!

A beautiful morning to crush my 5K PR

A beautiful morning to crush my 5K PR

Finally, my first race of 2013!  Due to an unfortunate bout of posterior tibial tendonitis, I had to take most of March off running and miss two scheduled races.  Recovering and rebuilding fitness while training for my first triathlon has meant slow and conservative running.  My longest run since late February has been 4 miles and I hadn’t done any speed-work.  I had a few speedier runs off the bike but it wasn’t until last week when I discovered that I’m close to as fast as I was when I was training for RNR San Jose half marathon.  That was hugely liberating because I no longer felt pressure to do well at this morning’s race or tomorrow’s tri.  Seems a little counter-intuitive, I realize.  I promise I’ll explain that feeling more next week.  I’ve got a race to recap!


Slept wonderfully.  I knew that barring catastrophe, I would PR and even if I didn’t, I would absolutely crush my 32:24 from last year’s SJR race.  Most of the week, my thoughts have been racing (PUN) as I’ve tried to fall asleep.  Happily, I was calm and woke up to 5:30am sunshine.

Despite being an ambassador for See Jane Run, I did not know when my race started.  I swear, everything I read on the website said 8am and made no distinction between the two races.  I remembered that last year, the 5k started after the half marathon so I was confused.  Since it is the necessary curse of the Bay Area professional musician to be extremely early to EVERYTHING, I always run (PUN) the risk of standing around a race, alone, in the cold for an hour as my muscles stiffen.  Aiming to arrive for an 8am start, I gave myself a good amount of time to park and take pictures but not so much that I’d get stiff.  Would have worked perfectly except the 5k started at 8:30.  Whoops.  Guess I can’t read…

I did get the chance to meet another SJR Ambassador and blogger Karen.  We took pictures of each other because we both came to the race alone.  Yet another reason to make more running friends and run races with them.

Gamely participating in cheezy 80's group warmup.  Get yours, girl.

Gamely participating in 80’s group warm-up. Get yours, girl.

I also got THIS GEM.

M'dear.........you nailed it.

M’dear………you nailed it.


One MAJOR improvement See Jane Run made this year was a wave start!  The first wave was for runners 6-8:59mm.  I could have seeded myself there but instead, I chose to be in the 9-11mm wave, hoping that the 9mm’ers like myself would be in the front.  They were and I didn’t experience any bottle-necking.  I did have the secret pleasure of passing many, many people as I took off strongly.  Probably too strongly.

In an effort to keep the recap shorter than the race, I’ll just say that it was successful and it was hard.  I started at a pace that felt sustainable and by the first mile marker (which came at the exact moment my Garmin buzzed, yessss) I was pretty tired.  It was kinda hot.  I could feel that I was dehydrated.  Whoops.  I didn’t drink much this morning, hoping to avoid having to use the porta-potty.  Mistake but it only made the pace harder, not impossible.

I maintained a pretty consistent pace until the last mile when I had to slow down a bit.  There were several times when I was desperate to walk and I emphatically “inspired” myself.

No f*cking way.  You didn’t walk a single moment last year and it was your FIRST RACE.  KEEP SHUFFLING!”

And keep shuffling I did.

Feel free to put that on a chevron background and pin it.

I was surprised to see how even the splits were!  Do I care that the pace went up instead of down?  Not really.

Lap 4 nubbin omitted because I forgot to turn my Garmin off until about 30 seconds after I crossed the finish line...AGAIN.

Lap 4 nubbin omitted because I forgot to turn my Garmin off until about 30 seconds after I crossed the finish line…AGAIN.

My tummy was starting to reject my sustained heart rate but I trusted that I wouldn’t have an explosion and kicked it in at the end.



Official time: 27:31 (8:52/avg)

AG: 15/280 (updated 6/9)

Overall: 100/1623 (updated 6/9)

WOOOOO!  That’s about a 2 minute PR over my trail 5k last November and nearly a FIVE MINUTE improvement over last year’s See Jane Run.

After the race, I destroyed two bottles of water, wandered the post-race expo, and begged lots of people to take my picture.  I also picked up my adorable champagne glass with yummy See’s truffles.  Very good choice, SJR!  The lemon truffles were delish!  In the next few days, I’ll do a photo-dump post.  It’s time to wrap this up and get my ass over to the expo for tomorrow’s motherf*cking TRIATHLON.

Oh wait.  One more.


WHO PR’D TODAY?  Link to your recap!

*Rankings were based on gun time which I think is whack since there were 2 minutes of holding between wave starts and the results say that my gun time was 29:48.  Hoping this gets updated later…

Updated 6/9!


6 thoughts on “RACE(VERSARY) RECAP – See Jane Run 5k

  1. CMRock says:

    Well done, fellow ambassador! I’m looking forward to my turn at the Seattle SJR races next month.

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