Truthy Tuesday – Race Week Miscellany

This week is less confessional and more of a thought dump.


* On Sunday night, I had about an hour and a half of panicky thoughts about this weekend’s tri.  I was curled up in bed, trying to fall asleep, but my mind was committed to visualizing every aspect of the race.  I could see myself bobbing in the water before the start.  My heart started to race and my shoulders crept up to my ears as I imagined myself getting tired during the swim.  I took a deep breath and imagined myself getting out of the water, unzipping my wetsuit, finding my bike, yanking off the suit…




These thoughts were so detailed, I’m pretty sure I imagined the entire race in real time.  Heart would race, shoulders would creep, big deep breath, repeat.  Eventually I resorted to counting Merlins to calm down.

I wish, dude.

I wish, dude.

* I absolutely can’t wait to marry Tim.  (Oh yeah, I’m engaged!)  I had a nice moment at TDM the other day when a woman complimented my ring and said the sparkling distracted her through thigh work.  Bling!  We’ve been engaged for almost three years so it’s nice to feel like a bride from time to time.  November can’t come soon enough!  Also, (and sorry in advance for the brag) he came home with a pile of nomination essays for Teacher of the Year.  I read them all with the hugest grin on my face.  His students praised him for being fair, funny, easy to relate to personally, and for making history come alive in a way that was interesting and relevant.  Several also said that he “wasn’t racist.”  So that’s good!  ?????  Go honey!

Loves cats and is not racist.

Loves cats and is not racist.

* I’m really looking forward to See Jane Run 5k this weekend!  I wish I could give it my all and get the huge PR I expected pre-injury and pre-Mermaid registration.  My foot is strong but I haven’t done any speedwork since February and I still struggle at paces that used to be recovery.  I think I can squeak out a PR but I also don’t want to push too hard since the main event is Sunday!  The game plan is not to hold back from the start and push in the last mile, if I can.  It will still be a really fun event!

* SJRSFAMB13 is still the code for 10% off the registration fee for the 5k or half marathon.  Join me!

Chocolate and champagne at 9am.  I mean, come on!

Chocolate and champagne at 9am. I mean, come on!

* I had a massage at National Holistic Institute in Emeryville yesterday.  My buddy Jenn works there and got me in on their teacher appreciation day!  I opted for Shiatsu and got a very nice, sweet massage therapist.  They’re all students but totally professional.  I was so, so sore yesterday.  I honestly didn’t feel a tremendous difference after the massage but I certainly didn’t feel worse and it was a relaxing hour.

* My semi-secret time hopes for my races this week are: <29:19 for See Jane Run.  I’d love to be around 28:00.  For the tri, I’d love to do the swim in 10 min, the bike in 45, and the run in about 22 min.  It would be cool to finish the entire thing in 1:30ish.  If I don’t, no biggie.  I truly just want to finish with a smile.  That was convincing, right?

* So far, overlapping the first weeks of marathon training with tri training feels terrible.  I need stay in the tri zone but I hate that I can’t give my full effort or mental space to marathon training.  It scares me.  Once I complete my first couple longer runs, I will feel much better.

* This season of Mad Men is so excellent.  I love the color and the energy.  Also, this week’s Game of Thrones??? Dang.  Brutal.

* I am still hella sore.  I am going to be a triathlete in five days.  That is cray.

Anyone wanna brag about their darling?  Got some Tuesday truth to share?


4 thoughts on “Truthy Tuesday – Race Week Miscellany

  1. “Not racist” ain’t a bad qualifier for a fiance, or for best teacher either! lol Ranks right up there with “certifiably sane” and “doesn’t break dishes on purpose”. Boy, if you can get all three AND “likes cats”? Keeper. 😛
    God, everyone is all “OMG Game of Thrones!!” today, and I haven’t seen any of this season yet…suspense is killing me! Especially since my hubby just finished book 4 and is having the same reaction, but can’t tell me anything. Need to catch up on Mad Men, too, though I’m on Netflix seasons, not real-time seasons, so I think I’m at least a season behind you?
    Also, did you intend to leave your goal time for the tri run blank? Or is that like a “the possibilities are endless!” thing?
    My truth for this tuesday: my birthday is this week and I kind of don’t care. Maybe that’s proof I’m getting old lol. I kind of didn’t care that my older son turned 5 last week, either, beyond a surprised where-does-the-time-go feeling. I feel like a bad mom, because every other parent I know whose kid had a birthday recently (there’ve been a lot) just gushes and gushes about them, but the most I could muster up was a “yay! kiddo had his 5-year check up, and he’s ready for kindergarten!” :/

    • Shauna says:

      HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY! I will be excited for you! And yay for not going apeshit about your son’s birthday. 5 is a really cool age though!

      I did not intentionally leave that blank so I’m going back to edit it now. I’m guessing I just didn’t end that sentence. And yes, I’m available for professional editing and copy-writing.

      • lol 😛 Everyone makes mistakes; I’m glad I could help make this wonderful blog better! Good luck meeting your times; if history is any teacher, you’ll surpass them I think. 😀
        Thanks for the happy birthday wishes. 🙂 It’s weird; maybe it’s a function of my (increasingly troubling, and yes I’m getting help soon) depression, because I used to be SO jazzed about my birthday, and I don’t have getting-old sad feelings. Maybe just ’cause I know, because our money sitch is un-fun, that there won’t be some big celebration or even like a night out to dinner. Turning 33 on Thursday….woo?
        I’m still kind of blown away that my kiddo’s 5. Might need another month or two to let that sink allllll the way in. 😛

  2. Nicole says:

    Didn’t know you were engaged or planning a wedding – congrats! It’ll be be the best day ever! 🙂

    Training to two big events at once is hard – I’ve tried before. It takes some getting used to but luckily your triathlon fitness will translate to marathon and vice versa. And all that TDM helps too!

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