CA Sprint Tri Training – Week Eight

MAJOR WEEK and I’ve got the soreness and brittle hair to prove it!

Monday 5/27 – Rest.

Kinda loving the Monday rest days.  And by “rest day” I mean that I taught five students in a row.  But I didn’t run or swim or ride or shake at the barre.

Tuesday 5/28 – Run, TDM

Ah yes, the day of unbelievable thwartitude.

3 miles “easy” that was not at all easy.  Running was actually really difficult this week.  I felt tired and sluggish.  Cumulative fatigue?  Hormonal fatigue? Dunno.  Got it done and since it was…

* * * The First Run of Marathon Training * * *

…I didn’t really have the option to quit.  That probably wouldn’t have been a good start.

After being cock-blocked from the pool and TDM, I eventually got into Meg’s completely full class.  Thigh work in the middle of the room.  Holy shit.  I could barely walk to my car.

Wednesday 5/29 – Swim, Cycle

Finally got into the pool.  It was still packed with people who have no sense of swimming etiquette or hygiene.  I seriously need to find a new place to swim next season.  On the major plus side,  this was the first swim where I actually felt strong!  I did 600, 300, and 4 x 100.  Big confidence booster.

12.5 miles in 40 minutes on the stationary bike.  My cadence was slow for the first five minutes but then it picked up.  This was as close to a swim/cycle brick I was going to get before Mermaid and it felt pretty good.

Thursday 5/30 – Gym Brick

I broke my rule of doing all my bricks outside.  I read an article about brick workouts that suggested short intervals of each sport to get more transition experiences.  It looked really fun and it REALLY WAS.  I did three repeats of 15 minutes on the bike, 1 mile on the treadmill.  The runs were purposely on the slow side but the rides were blazing.  I couldn’t believe how fast my legs spun after running!  Each riding interval was faster than the last.  By the last one, I was really ready to be done and my sweat towel was so saturated that I think it was making me sweatier.  So, so gross.  And awesome?

Friday 5/31 – Rest

And again, “rest” can be interpreted as 6 voice students in a row and the 2.5 hour spring pops concert.  Got home anxious about the next morning’s open water clinic and slept like shit.  And had a kerfuffle with my wonderful man.  Not my favorite day.

Saturday 6/1 – OWS, Run


52 degrees?  THUMBS UP.

52 degrees? THUMBS UP.

Headed to Lake Merritt to do two loops – 6 miles.  This was to be my first long run of Portland Marathon training.  I took it slow, slow, slow and I was miserable.  Literally running 10:15 and feeling like I was going to die.  There was no way I could push through and do a second loop.  Shit.  I know all the reasons why (terrible sleep, 5:50am wake-up, dehydrated from the bay, cramps, personal distractions, etc.)  but I was so disappointed.  Oh and it was very, very hot.  That was probably the kicker.

Tail between my legs, I went home.  I planned to go back and do the other 3 miles once it cooled down but I didn’t do them.  Cool.

Sunday 6/2 – Swim, Cycle, TDM

Biggest workout day of my life, though I didn’t realize that until it was over!

In the open water swim clinic, it was clear that the only thing holding me back in open water is my lack of fitness when swimming.  So, no biggie right?  Just get in the pool and get better.  Like NOW.

I swam 1000 meters in the pool.  6 x 100 with each 100 focusing on a different breathing skill (bilateral, breathing on my right side) and general technique.  I finished with 400 meters, the distance of the Mermaid tri.  It went well!

On to the big workout of the day: 60-75 minute ride.  And you know I went for the whole enchilada.  I rode all around Bay Farm Island with no specific agenda or route.  I was so happy.  I just love being on my bike.  I stopped a couple times to drink and take ProBar Bolt Chews.  Hella tasty and my tummy liked.

The Bay Area has to be one of the best places on earth to be a budding athlete.

The Bay Area has to be one of the best places on earth to be a budding athlete.

Major accomplishment in this ride: I wiped something off of my face!  And I scratched my arm several times!  I also reached for my water bottle and shimmied it up but I couldn’t pull the trigger.  I didn’t know what I would do when I had it in my hand and I was afraid of having my hand off the handlebars that long.  Next time!

It was almost a perfect ride until I had a little tumble and a minor confrontation with the inconsiderate asshole that caused it.  I was so, so pissed that it soured what was an otherwise amazing workout.  Kind of exactly the same thing that happened last week.  Weird.  Once the crappiness wore off, I fully appreciated what an amazing ride it was and how far I’ve come as a new cyclist.

Why did I go to TDM?  Well, I told myself that if someone I really liked was teaching the last class of the day, I would take it.  It was my favorite teacher.  So there that is.  I took it very easy on my legs and arms and pushed myself in the ab section.  I got a great stretch and ended the day feeling amazing.

It might be week 8 of CST training but it was the LAST WEEK  of Mermaid training.  Am I ready?


Did I have an hour and a half of heart palpitations last night imagining the race?



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