Tuesday 5/28/2013

6am: Wake up. Nosh. Lesson Plan.

8am: Run 3 miles. Pretty miserable but completed.

11am-2pm: Teach.

2pm: Head to bank and sporty store to deal with compromised checking account and stolen swim gear. Hoped to be at gym pool by 3 when it would still be fairly quiet. Plan was to swim and go to TDM at 4:30.

3pm: Still at bank.

3:30pm: Still trying on ill-fitting swimsuits. Cursing ill-proportioned body. And ill-good passage of time. Change plan to swim and 5:45pm TDM class.

4:00pm: Arrive at pool. 2-3 people per lane. Fuckerfan. All are slower than me (which doesn’t make any sense, considering the laws of momentum).

4:10pm: Race to 4:30 class. It’s full. WHOMP.

4:30pm: Go back to the pool. Still packed. Try not to lose shit publicly. Go to grocery store, drop off groceries, bitch to ManFriend, head back to TDM for 5:45 class.

5:45pm: IT IS FULL. WHAT THE FUCK. Meg lets myself and THREE instructors (there are never that many there to take class) squeeze into the packed class. This requires the four of us to do the thigh work sequence in the middle of the room. WITHOUT THE BARRE.. In case you’ve never taken a barre class, let me tell you that I didn’t even know that was a thing. I’m still astonished that I got through that section.

6:45pm: Hobble to car and home to chicken sausage and sweet potato chips.

8:00pm: In bed so I can get up at 6am to makeup missed swim before TDM trade shift.


4:30am: Wake up after night of horrible fitful sleep. Decide to skip swim and turn off alarm.

6:03am: Wake up and decide to do the swim. Feel like a motivated baller queen.

6:23am: Arrive at pool.



2 thoughts on “Thwarted

  1. Clair says:

    Morning swimming, at least at my pool, is always a clusterf**k. Hope your lap lanes are eventually not crowded!

  2. […] Ah yes, the day of unbelievable thwartitude. […]

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