Truthy Tuesday

* My daily comfort level with my body depends almost exclusively on how bony my hipbones feel when I’m laying in bed in the morning.

* I’ve never smoked a cigarette or had a glass of milk. Not once.

* Before I started running, it was unheard of for me to go número dos in a public restroom. Getting comfortable with that is one of the things I’m most proud of in this whole deal!

* I find myself feeling competitive when looking at past finishing times for my upcoming tris. Wonder if I’ll ever be on an AG podium? I would kind of really like that a lot.

* My biggest fear is that my dad would get Alzheimer’s and forget me.

* I miss my friends. Several who are really important to me are far away and I wish they were here.

* I’m not sure I’m 100% crazy about my wedding dress and it’s my second one. I literally have two unworn wedding dresses in my closet.

* I watch a ton of terrible shows (and many great ones, lest you think I’m a total idiot). One I really love is ‘Wife Swap.’

Bring on the truthy…


4 thoughts on “Truthy Tuesday

  1. I’m procrastinating calling back both the guy who is helping us to get the mortgage for this house, and also the realtor for the seller, because I have no progress on filling out the forms they need. I’m not filling out the forms they need because I have anxiety about not having called them back and maybe I’m a huge failure at life and can’t handle this at all.

    Wow. I can’t say I’m sorry for unloading, because I feel like I have no one else I can talk to about that. But I am kind of surprised at myself for sharing it? So … there we go. Sad truth. Also, thank you for inviting my truthiness.

    Happy truth: Ummmm…I read all of the tumblr “Boobs Don’t Work That Way” today, and laughed so hard and for so long at one post that I was afraid it was going to go into some kind of cathartic weep-fest. It was definitely a cathartic laugh-fest, so that was nice.
    (If you’d like to see what had me rofl-ing all over the place….

    • Shauna says:

      Not replying to things and then falling into an anxiety-vortex about not having replied ending in inertia and shame is *the story of my life*. Thank you for sharing that because I TOTALLY feel you on it.

      Now fill out the forms and get your dream house right this minute! It’s not too late and even if someone is annoyed, that will only last for a moment. DO IT!

      • Thanks for telling me that if I’m not normal, at least I’m not alone. lol
        I did get it done yesterday morning, and things DO appear to be going okay, so that’s nice. 🙂 Yay for the end to procrastination-induced anxiety and shame!

  2. Oh, also…I’m a huge milk-drinker! Blows my mind you’ve never had even a single glass?! Whoa. But ‘grats on never having smoked. That’s lucky and/or smart!

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