CA Sprint Tri Training – Week Seven

I feel like I’m writing one of these recap posts every day!  Where are these weeks going?!  And also, I still have to look back at one of the other ones for formatting every single time.

Last week was really intense and busy work-wise.  I was pretty overwhelmed and crappy.  It ended up feeling like a very light workout week.  I missed one run due to rescheduling it and running (PUN) out of time later in the week and I missed a swim on Sunday after my swim bag was among the things stolen from my car.  Ugh.  I also missed one scheduled TDM class but made it there once.  Pretty good, considering the crunchy schedule and the need to prioritize cycling and swimming.

Monday 5/20 – Run

Steady, comfy run around the lake.  Every run, I feel stronger and stronger.  I’m not pushing my speed but at least I’m not paranoid about my foot!

Tuesday 5/21 – Cycle, TDM

18 miles in 50 minutes on the stationary bike at the gym.  A sweat-fest, as usual.  I really look forward to being able to ride for an hour at 20mph on my actual bike.  So, when does that happen?

No TDM.  Taught all the voice students ever.

Wednesday 5/22 – TDM

Made to class after a loooooong work day and a cool Whole Foods event that I will write about later today.  Summer makes it so much easier to get evening workouts done at the end of a long day.  I love having so many extra hours of light.  Took class with Kim.  It was great, as usual.  I was really sore the next day!  After taking TDM for so long, it surprises me when (and where) I find myself sore.

Thursday 5/23 – Run, Swim

No run.  Not sure why.  Scheduling?  That’s not good.

Swam 1000m in about 25 minutes.  All freestyle AND breathing less often.  It was a tough swim but I had a couple of lightbulb moments with regards to technique.  I think for the first time, I really felt myself kicking from my hips.  For the first time, I actually felt like my legs were propelling me forward and keeping me balanced in a higher position.  I had a few laps that were so effortless that I finally believed all the liars who tell me that swimming is zen.

Friday 5/24 – Run, Swim

Ah, now I know why I didn’t run on Thursday.  I knew I was going to run on Friday and Saturday (brick).  Still not sure why I chose to run back to back days instead of Thursday.  Anyhoo…

Ran about 4.25 miles in Alameda.  I forgot my Garmin so I ran free.  Free as the wind blows.  Free as the grass grows…

Didn’t Google those lyrics.  Feel free to correct in the comments!

This was technically my “long” run rescheduled so I aimed for a very easy, zone one-y pace.  I’m not exactly sure what my pace was but according to my car clock, it looked like I ran the 4+ in right around 40 min.  I’ve been diligent about stretching and foam rolling, especially my calves, to prevent a recurrence of tendonitis.

Swam 1000m in about 25 minutes again.  The workout was similar to the day.  I wasn’t sure how it would feel to swim on consecutive days but it was fine.  My shoulders were definitely tired afterward but I’d had the entire lane to myself and that was wonderful.  Seriously, the people who use the pool at my gym are disgusting and have whatever the exact fucking opposite of etiquette is.  Gahhhhhh!

Saturday 5/25 – Brick on Mermaid Course

Woke up early Saturday morning to do my brick workout on the course of the Mermaid tri.  It’s held on Bay Farm Island in Alameda where I do most of my riding but I wanted to ride the specific loop because I’m a type-A research freak, okay.  What do you want from me?

The ride was CHILLY but good!  I made the first loop and discovered that it was about 2 miles shorter than it was supposed to be.  Weird!  On the second loop I realized that I had made my turnaround on the wrong street, a mile early.  Second loop I did the full course.  There we go.

The course is flat and fast.  My race strategy is to start fairly easy, pick it up after the turnaround, keep pushing through the first half of the second loop and cruise back to get my heart rate down before the run.

I think I might have bonked on the run?  I was struuuuuuugggling.  My HR wasn’t very high and my legs weren’t particularly leaden but it felt brutal.  I also accidentally left my glasses on (annoying) and my jacket on (hot).  It was not my favorite run of my life but I made it through.

Brick Selfie!

Brick Selfie!  This will be the transition area in two weeks!

Sunday 5/26 – Cycling

Group ride!  Hills!  Thievery!  Read all about it here.

Oh and we watched all 15 new episodes of Arrested Development.  That’s how we do.

Ninja, please.



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