Truthy Tuesday

Warning:  Not perky truthy.

You’ve been warned.  Proceed!

* The longer my swim workouts get, the more intimidating they are.  Even though I could always switch to breast stroke, sometimes the intimidation is crippling.  Twice this week (and yes, it’s only the second day of the week), I sat in the parking lot of the pool and came up with an excuse to reschedule the workout.

* I drink an obscene amount of Diet Coke every day.  We buy it at Costco by the flat and it’s usually gone by the weekend.

* My body image has improved and I’ve learned to appreciate my body for what it does.  Really and truly.  But….my body is completely covered in stretch marks and sometimes that makes me want to cry.

* I want to do this.

* I look at the speed/resistance on the treadmills and stationary bikes of people around me and I judge.

* Sometimes I really, really resent the fact that I have to work so fucking hard to maintain my weight when I work out so hard, so much.  It feels really unfair.

* I’m much, much, much, much more comfortable alone.

* I really don’t understand how high-profile bloggers who get tons of swag and even book deals get away with writing next to nothing on their blogs.  Posting two sentences and a picture of your Garmin should not earn you free shoes, race entries, and Larabars.  Nor should just reposting pictures from your Instagram account.  Get real.  And then get some content.

* I can watch infinity episodes of ‘Chopped’ in a row.  I call it “falling into a Chopped hole.”

* I haven’t seen or spoken to my mom since November of 2010.  She lives 15 miles away.

* I want to get good at triathlon.  Like, good.

That was pretty real for a Tuesday.  Anything you want to truth?


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