Product Review: Trader Joe’s Chile Lime Chicken Burgers

I love meat. Meat, meat, meat…

I’m a protein girl at heart. It’s challenging to get me to eat fruit and veggies. I can go months without dessert but a Meatless Monday? When pigs fly (and if they try, I will trap them in a pig butterfly net and eat their cute deliciousness.)

I have a lot of issues around food. Organization and speedy preparation really help me make healthier choices, especially since being tired is my number one unhealthy eating trigger.

Cue pre-cooked food that doesn’t have weird, glutinous and sugary additives!

Where the guac at?

Where the guac at?  I like all fats.

I used to love Trader Joe’s pre-cooked chicken patties with fontina (?) but they disappeared.  I noticed these on a recent trip and was delighted to discover that they don’t have anything weird in them!

Thanks for not randomly adding wheat flour, soy, or brown rice syrup!

Check the granite.  It’s new.  It’s called “River White.”

Pictured: the knife I needed to pry them apart.  I was nervous that they wouldn’t release but even fully frozen, I just had to wiggle the knife around a bit!

As you can see, they don’t add any weird things like brown rice syrup, soy whatever, or wheat randomness.  Just some chicken and some spices.  They’re 150 calories each, lower than your average pre-cooked patty.  They’re pretty thin and I’m happy to save some calories that way.  Same number of bites, the bites are just smaller!

There are several cooking options but seriously, they’re frozen discs of cooked meat.  Skillet, bake, grill, braise, poach, nuke…it’s not going to make much difference.  I opted for skillet.  Dude told me he would have chosen indoor grill pan so it would have marks.  It’s up to you.  It’s empowering.

Sprayed a nonstick pan with some canola spray (also TJ brand) and cooked them on medium high heat for about 3 minutes on the first side and 2-3 more on the second side.  They heated through and came out looking like pancakes.  Poultry pancakes.  Paleo perfection.  Appetizing alliteration.

See!  Pancake looking, right?

See! Pancake looking, right?

I put some salsa on them because I had it.  You might want to serve them with a vegetable or a bun because you’re probably not weird.  The flavor was pretty good.  The acidity of the lime was tasty but they were crying out for some cheese to cut the tang.  A slice of pepper jack or some queso fresco would have been awesome.  Too bad dairy makes me look pregnant and I already had goat cheese earlier today…

Verdict: Thumbs up!  Not amazing but good and very easy.

Now, here’s the picture my cat, Merlin will probably use on the cover of his memoir.

Sleep: A Love Story.  By Merlin Wharton

Sleep: A Love Story. By Merlin Wharton

Do you enjoy meat in disc form?  Sorry, that’s pretty personal.

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3 thoughts on “Product Review: Trader Joe’s Chile Lime Chicken Burgers

  1. I usually love all things Trader Joe’s, and I too love meat AND easy food. So I shall buy these when I go this week.

  2. Andrew Sorba says:

    Just an FYI, these are RAW patties and should be cooked thoroughly. Glad you enjoyed them! They are one of my favorite products.

    • Came here to comment with the very same thing! Not sure how these were confused with pre-cooked as they are very, very raw, and need to be thoroughly & properly cooked. I made them today but did not care for them, and was curious what others thought & came across this post!

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