CA Sprint Tri Training – Week Six

Week Six complete.  Week Six RECAPPED!  Yeeeeuh!



This week was a little weird because I got the stomach flu and I adjudicated a children’s pop singing competition.  On Friday, I did these two things simultaneously.

I figured I'd be the Paula but who was I kidding?  I was Simon.

I figured I’d be the Paula but who was I kidding? I was Simon.

Popular hits among the 3rd – 5th grade set: ‘Stay’ by Rihanna and ‘Waiting for Life to Begin’ from Once on this Island.  Okay…?

On to the workouts!

Monday 5/13 – Cycle, Transition Run, TDM

40 easy minutes on the stationary bike and a short transition run.  For the second time, a dude on the treadmill next to me remarked on the length of my run.  This motherf*cker who was walking at 3.4 (yes, I looked and you would have too) had the nerve to say “I bet you could run longer than that!”  Yeah, thanks bruh.  Please don’t bait me into telling you that I’m training for a triathlon.  I’m limited to saying it 14 times a day and I’m not wasting one of those iterations on your sauntering ass.


TDM was awesome and hard.  Jelly legs, even though I was holding back.  I wish I could take class every day.  I’ve said it before but if I had to choose one activity specifically to make my body look and feel amazing, it would be The Dailey Method.  No question.

Tuesday 5/14 – Swim

900 meters in the pool.  400, 200, 100, 2 x 50.  All freestyle!  BOOYAH!  The 400 took me about 10 minutes.  If that could be my OW time in three weeks, I would be a very happy triathlete.  Hell, if I’m a triathlete in three weeks, I will be a very happy triathlete.

Wednesday 5/15 – BRICK

Third brick in Alameda.  I extended the bike to 45 minutes (from >30 minutes the previous two weeks) and encountered some BRUTAL wind.  God, wind sucks on the bike.  I forgot my Garmin (d’oh) so I wore a stopwatch to keep track of time.  When I put it on, the face was on the far side of my wrist so I couldn’t see it OR take my hand off the handlebars long enough to turn it.  Really gotta work on that.  Like, is it a problem that I’m racing a triathlon in three weeks and I can only take a hand off the bars if I’m in a parking lot?  Please just say “no”.  It was rhetorical.

The run was good and hard.  I went by feel and attempted to feel a little more relaxed than the previous two weeks where my pace was under 9:30.  I don’t want to race every brick workout and I feel like it’s important to know how to slow myself down at the start of the run, when my heart is already elevated off the bike.

I swear, nothing makes me feel more accomplished than those outdoor brick workouts.  Kind of cannot WAIT to actually do it in a race.

Thursday 5/16 – Swim, Cycle

1000 meters.  Shaved a minute off the 400.  All freestyle again!  I think my swimming is improving, even though I still totally suck at it.  I’m awful.

Biked indoors after the swim.  I guess it was kind of a brick.  It takes a long time to dry off and suit up for riding but I was exhausted for the first ten minutes of the ride.  Sounds like a brick to me.  Otherwise, it was an easy 50 minute ride.

Friday 5/17 – Stomach Flu

My beloved woke me up in the middle of the night.  He was majorly sick for the first time in many years.  Like, since I’ve known him.  I comforted him and as I tried to fall back asleep, my stomach was super gurgly.  I thought I was just being the most empathetic (and paranoid) future wife ever until about 7am when I discovered that he didn’t have food poisoning.  We both had a nasty stomach bug.  And one bathroom.

Spent the rest of the day spooning Merlin and feeling feverish, itchy, and gurgly.  Until 3pm when I had to smile at third graders in cutoffs imitating Adele.

He's my friend.  He has a moustache.

He’s my friend. He has a moustache.

Saturday 5/18 – Stomach Flu, 100 Singing Children

Planned on either a long ride or long run before the musical bonanza.  Didn’t happen.  I was so weak from Friday when I ate literally 300 calories and probably didn’t even absorb them.  8 hours of judging was just too draining.

Sunday 5/19 – Cycle, Run

Woke up this morning with major gurgles.  Shit.  Ew, bad pun.  Sorry.  I didn’t want to lose another day of training so I took it indoors for easy bathroom access.  Ended up doing my longest ride ever!  20.5 miles in 60 minutes!  PDR!  I kept my heart rate low and my stomach held up well.  Decided to tack on a run while I was still feeling okay.  Ran two slooooooow miles (thankfully without any commentary from my treadmill neighbors).  Great success!

Another pretty good week of training, considering the random illness at the end of the week.

Do you train through tummy trubs?




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