I’m a JANE!

Happy Sunday, lovely people!

I have a pretty cool announcement to make:

I’m a 2013 See Jane Run Ambassador!


See Jane Run is my favorite local running store.  Located on College Ave in Oakland, it also happens to be next door to my favorite sweet potato fries so I’m in there a lot.  Other locations include, SF, Danville, and Boise.

SJR on College!  Spend all the monies?

SJR on College! Spend all the monies?


It’s not a huge store but has a great selection of brands and a very thoughtful selection of shoes.  The women who work there are super friendly, knowledgeable and not at ALL intimidating to newbie athletes.  Here’s their manifesto:



In my humble opinion, the best aspect of See Jane Run are their awesome RACES!  I might be a bit biased since last year’s SJR 5k was my first race and basically opened up this awesome life for me.

Clink Clink!

Clink Clink!

In addition to the 5k, there is a half marathon event which I will do in 2014, if it fits in my race schedule.  The See Jane Run races have incredible energy, wonderful camaraderie, and sweet swag.  Chocolate and champagne?  Come on!

So faaaaaancy!

So faaaaaancy!

It’s so rare to be able to pinpoint the exact moment when your life changes.  When that race began and I joined the sea of bobbing heads in front of me, my life changed forever.  Being part of that positive collective unlocked something inside me that I never would have known existed.  Looking back on the pictures from that day gets me a little verklempt, truth be told!

Crossing the line for the first time.  #GameChanger

Crossing the line for the first time. #GameChanger

It’s a tremendous honor to represent this fantastic company and community.  You can look forward to more Jane-related posts and my recap of the 2013 SJR 5k taking place on June 8th in Alameda.  COME ON DOWN! I intend to PR and completely demolish that adorable first time of 32:24.  😀

Janes are strong.  Janes embrace challenges.  Janes have FUN!  What makes you a Jane?


7 thoughts on “I’m a JANE!

  1. Clair says:

    I’m a Jane too! So exciting. I’m also a cyclist if you ever want some company on a ride.

    • Shauna says:

      Congratulations, yay! I would love cycling company. I’m a complete novice (literally…didn’t learn to ride as a child) and still have quite a bit of fear around it. I think I’m ready to ride with buddies, though!

      • Clair says:

        When you’re ready for company, definitely let me know. I’m little more than a novice, and a complete clod (I’ve been known to fall from an upright, stationery position), so no pressure.

  2. RunFastMama says:

    Congrats! I am a Jane too! Can not wait to see your 5K recap. It is amazing how running can change your life! Great post!

  3. […] being an ambassador for See Jane Run, I did not know when my race started.  I swear, everything I read on the website […]

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