CA Sprint Tri Training – Week Two

I think we can all agree that this week has been terrible. It sucked.

I had no desire to do my Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday workouts. Between my hormonal weight and the weight of the confusing world, I did not feel like an energetic, budding triathlete. Not a bit.

Did them anyway. And they were all great. Weird.

Week Two:
Monday 4/15 – Rest.
Nailed this.

Tuesday 4/16 – Cycle, TDM
11 miles in 30 minutes on the stationary bike. I’ve realized that if I’m feeling at all anxious, I have a major aversion to riding my bike. I should have pushed through that anxiety because cycling at the gym forced me to watch Boston coverage on 4 screens. I cried. It was gross.

This TDM class feels like ages ago. All I really remember is wearing my RnR San Jose Half shirt and sharing somber conversation with a couple other runners. I took a gamble on an instructor I hadn’t taken before. She wasn’t bad but her delivery was so scripted, it made her sound like a flight attendant. Not my fave. I worked hard but not super hard. Thigh work after cycling? Not really happening.

Wednesday 4/16 – Run, Swim
25 minutes of slow, easy treadmill running. Not much to report. Wait, that means no foot pain! There’s something to woot about!

500 meter ladder workout. I’m pretty much the slowest swimmer on earth but I’m doing 99% freestyle so that’s an improvement, right? I really don’t feel like I know what to do with my arms, LOL. Need swim lesson like yesterday.

Thursday 4/18 – Cycle
More stationary miles. It was gorgeous out but I just didn’t want to be in the gorgeous. 12.5 miles in 34:20. Wow I wish I could ride that pace outside. What is the difference, exactly?

Friday 4/19 – Run
This was supposed to be 20 minutes easy. Turned into 17:50 minutes of lung-busting tempo plus after a five minute walking warmup. I realize this was totally stupid. It served no training purpose and could have stressed my foot more than it could handle. I felt like running fast. I did. A 9:23 mile followed by an 8:28 mile. No foot pain. Proved to myself that I have some fitness and that my foot is doing well. Great. No more dumb workouts like that.

An old guy did encourage me and that was nice. Thanks, sir!

Saturday 4/20 – Rest
Eatathon. Date unrelated. Not a smoker and don’t need weed to eat like a burnout.

Sunday 4/21 – Swim, Cycle
Endurance swim. 300 meters continuous. Felt good and finished in just under 8 minutes. Slow but comfortable. Only had to breast stroke for about five strokes near the beginning. These shorty swims feel silly.

14 miles (race distance) in 48:42 on the stationary bike. Endurance ride in zone super easy. I’d be happy if this were my race time!

Overall it was a successful week of training despite a shitty week of living.

Hope everyone is healing and moving!


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