CA Sprint Tri Training – Week One

Week One DONE!

I am so happy to be following a training plan again! The training feels conservative compared to building my cycling and swimming base while training for the Oakland Half. Maybe that was a sneak preview to next season and training for longer tris….?

I have different challenges and goals in each of the three sports. After a few months off swimming (and only like two months on swimming), my single goal is to increase my endurance. Improving my technique through regular practice is the only way to get there. I’m quite comfortable in the water and I know that (worst case scenario) I can always switch to breast stroke and survive the swim. The flip side of the coin is cycling. I’m relatively strong (for a total n00b) but still not completely comfortable. In the next eleven weeks, I need to branch out: ride new routes with new folks and learn some new skills. I would rather not have to pull over and stop to take a drink.

The run was supposed to be my back pocket sport. My foot hasn’t given me any grief this week. YAY! I’m not nearly as strong as I was before the injury interruption but I’m thrilled to be running again. My goal is to stay injury-free and hopefully regain some speed but that is not a priority.

Week One:
Saturday 4/6 – Run
My return to the Alameda shoreline. I started with a half-mile walk and kept the run short and slow (about a 10 minute mile). Pain-free, WAY TO BE!

Monday 4/8 – TDM
This class sucked balls. I DIED. No idea why I was so weak but I was and it was brutal. Must have been doing something however, because I was quite sore the next day!

Tuesday 4/9 – Bike and Swim
Back in the pool! I was soooo happy to be back in the water. The scheduled swim workout was 200meters which is, um, silly. I’m also silly and like to follow plans to the letter. I added 50 meters but was still out in 5 minutes. COME ON! Then I had to get my wet body into cycling clothes and onto the stationary bike for a 20 minute ride. The dressing process took about three times as long as the swim itself. Ride first, doofus!

Wednesday 4/10 – TDM and Bike
This was supposed to be a rest day but it was absolutely gorgeous out. I shuffled things around to get out in the sun. Had a lovely loop around Bay Farm Island. No crashing. Some alarming whining at the end of the ride. I thought I’d broken my bike somehow but I think it had to do with the placement of my new and huge saddle bag. I pulled over, freaked out a little, and the sound went away!

This class was muuuuuch better than Monday’s humiliation. I went to class with my friend Tonia who always inspires me to work harder! I realize I could suspend classes during tri training but I love it way to much to ever give it up.

Thursday 4/11 – Rest

Friday 4/12 – Swim and Run
Another shorty swim but this one suuuuuucked. I didn’t know it was possible to have a terrible 6 minute swim but when you eat 400,000,000 calories the day before and don’t rotate your body in the water, swimming is bad. Not good.

I thought the run would be awful too but it wasn’t!


Not bad!

That run felt a lot harder than that pace would have a couple months ago but who cares? At least I’m able to push myself a bit! I made a promise to myself that I’d only push myself like that once a week. And no real speedwork for quite awhile still.

Saturday 4/13 – Swim and Bike

This time, I rode first! 11 miles in 30 minutes. I so wish I could ride my real bike as fast as I can ride one that doesn’t go anywhere…

Bad girl. Broke rank and swam 500 meters instead of 250. I had the lane to myself! What do you want from meeee? It was nice. 😀

Sunday 4/14 – Run
Bad girl again. Again, it felt so good. 3 miles in 29 minutes. I was baking in the sun and felt like I was going to die but my foot didn’t make a peep! Still gotta make sure I keep it slow when I’m supposed to.

All in all a great first week! Onward!

Whatcha training for?


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