What I Ate Weds- er…Thursday – INSANITY EDITION

Those posts where people show you instagrammed quinoa muffins and a kombucha? This is not that.


You might want to bookmark this post for the days where you feel like a piggie for “indulging” in a chocolate chip cookie or extra guac on your Chipotle bowl. When I say I’m eating like a crazy person, I am not being coy. This is a Biggest Loser temptation room situation.

Ready? Okay.

7:00am Burger King ham and cheese biscuit sandwich (no egg, ew). Large Diet Coke.

12:00pm Sourdough Jack (no tomato, ketchup, or mayo. Again, ew). Large Diet Coke.

If you feel a dull headache, it’s probably the development of a Diet Coke empathy brain tumor. So sorry.

12:30pm Kit-Kat. Twix.

4:00pm Corned beef sandwich with havarti and sun dried tomato pesto. Entire full-sized bag of sweet potato Pop Chips. 2 cans of Diet Coke. I know…


Stare into the depths.

Am I done for the day?

Well, I have another teaching obligation and Tim came home with two of my favorite ham and cheese individual quiches so let’s just go ahead and add those (and two more Diet Cokes) to the tally.

I don’t know if this is hormonal but it probably is because I actually don’t feel full! I know. It’s impressive.

Ever eat crazy? No? Fine. I don’t need your validation anyway! If you judge me, I’ll just eat your friends and family.


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