Suuuunny Day….


I love the sunshine. I always know this intellectually but once it’s sunny, I’m shocked by how GOOD I feel. How genuinely HAPPY.

(Hang ten while I find the happiest picture in my iPhone photo roll…)

Happy AND tan!

So, I had a rest day on my schedule but it was 80 degrees and I was done with work at 10:45am. Not run or cycle in this gorgeous weather?! Get real!

I’m truly being careful not to add extra workouts or overdo it. It was easy to shuffle workouts around so I could ride today and take TDM with a good friend and one of our favorite instructors. Tomorrow’s a heavier work day so taking a rest day then was ideal!

I intend to do every scheduled workout of this training cycle unless I have some compelling reason not to.

Don’t make me say the “i” word.

I will be flexible when the weather is amazing. I will not run on consecutive days. I will listen to my body! I will not continue this sequence of sentences any longer.

Do you like sunshine? Do you like absurd questions?


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