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That’s right! TRI TRAINING is officially ON!

It feels so great to be following a training plan again.

Since I’m preparing for a sprint distance event (0.5mi swim, 14mi bike and 5k run), the training is not very overwhelming. In fact, today’s scheduled swim was only 200 yards! I bumped it up to a whopping 250 because I was so happy to be in the pool and not ready to get out after literally 4 minutes. I love swimming and I’m relieved not to have lost all of the fitness I gained in December and January. I was slow but able to do the whole swim freestyle without stopping. Woot! Afterwards, I endured the horror of putting spandex on a wet body to knock out a short stationary bike ride. It wasn’t supposed to be a brick workout but there was no way I was going back home to get my bike after a 5 minute swim!

I plan to do weekly training recaps rather than bore y’all daily, especially when the workouts are so uneventful. More to say but it’s time to teach the singing!

Happy Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “New Category

  1. I’m so excited for you! I still remember that pizza date at Zachary’s when you first mentioned you wanted to train for a Tri. It’s here! 🙂

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