I’m sick!


I have a nasty cold picked up from a fellow singer who swore he had allergies.

No one believed you, pal.

I had amazing hardcore TDM workouts last week. When I have the energy, I’ll write a post about how I lowered myself into the depths of the pain cave. It was awesome. I’d be there right this second if fluids weren’t seeping from my nosey.

Sidebar: has anyone seen the ads on E for ‘What Would Ryan Lochte Do?’? Is he self-aware and in on the joke or is he really that much of a brouche? That would be a bro douche. Brouche.

Since I’m couched and my dude is on spring break (teacher, not student) I’ve taken the opportunity to binge on some quality TV. I watched the first half of Game of Thrones Season Two last year but lost interest. Tim is super into it so I gave it another shot and loved it. Just in time for Season Three!

Fellow fans of GoT will lurve this:

Alright. Time to hit the Ny-Quil!


One thought on “Sickie!

  1. I know you haven’t died because you’re active on twitter, but I hope you’re feeling better by now and can blog soon 🙂

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