One More Inch…

For quite awhile, I’ve felt that my effort in Dailey Method has been…..weenie-esque. I definitely (mostly) give my….no. I was going to say that I give my all in the abs and arm sections and give a lot in thigh and seat work, reserving some
lower body energy for my other activities. But that’s not true.

The truth is, I’ve stayed in my uncomfortable “comfort” zone for ages. Don’t get me wrong, I work HARD. My face is neon pink, my muscles quiver, and my breathing often verges into the Lamaze zone. Maybe that’s why they don’t push me any harder and I don’t push myself any harder.

I’ve got more. I *can* go down two more inches. I *can* press my arms up into the bar block to put more weight on my already quaking abs. Only in push-ups am I anywhere near a point of muscle failure. It’s time for me to really challenge myself.

With two weeks before the start of triathlon training, I’m doing a self-imposed TDM boot camp. 5 classes in 7 days and in each one, I’m going to push myself out of the familiar and into the suck.

The first class was three hours ago and my legs are still jelly. Good sign.

Ever find yourself getting too comfortable with “just uncomfortable enough”?


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