Congratulations to everyone who ran the Oakland full and half marathons! I’m so glad we could serve you up gorgeous weather. As a (nearly) lifetime Oakland resident, it makes me very happy that so many people love our running festival.

As I’ve blogged about ad nauseum for the last month, I was unable to participate. It sucked but it was for the best. There’s no doubt in my mind or body that 13.1 would not have been appropriate today. SO can’t wait to run my town next year and hey, maybe I’ll want to do a spring marathon and will upgrade to the BIG show! Who knows?

While I may not have gotten my 13.1 PR today, I did have a running accomplishment:


Three miles without pain! And not at a snail’s pace!

The key is warming up. I walked at a brisk clip for about half a mile before beginning to run. My foot felt completely fine. My heart was working a bit harder than I’d like for a 9:30 pace but hey, it’s great for nearly a month off. By the end, my heart was OVER IT (the last mile got away from me – 9:13…oops…) but my foot was alright to keep going. BOOOOOYACH!

I came home and promptly foam rolled and iced. I’ve felt good since, with the exception of a bit of fatigue by the end of a two hour concert I sang in low heels. You better believe I iced again as soon as I was out of my Bach finest.

Today was the first day I could see a running future beyond this injury. I can imagine a slow 3.5 miles next weekend and maybe 4 the week after that. I may have been able to do much more in the recent past but an accomplishment is an accomplishment. And pain-free fitness gains are a big accomplishment. Exactly the boost I’ve needed!

Ever taken a big step back to take a step forward?


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