Diary of a Better Day

6:00 am – Woke up.

6:40 am – Woke up again and shrieked “CRONE!!!” upon seeing my 6:40am face in the mirror. DST is a cruel mistress.

I mean, what high school sophomore *wouldn't* find this face inspiring?

I mean, what high school sophomore *wouldn’t* find this face inspiring?

7:00 am – Commuted to my high school vocal coaching job, eating a Larabar en route. Debated stopping for an enormous Diet Coke but drank water instead. Booyach.

8:00 am – 12:00 pm – Taught the singing. Did not crave circus animal cookies or deep dish pizza. Did not hate on myself for yesterday’s crapapalooza smorgasbord.

12:00 pm – Rushed home. Scarfed some Italian chicken sausage and leftover brussels sprouts. SPROUTS, PEOPLE.

1:00 pm – Taught a first lesson to a talented new adult student. So much fun!

2:00 pm – 6:00 pm – See below:

20130314-205815.jpgI didn’t read outside for four hours. I got into bed around 3:15.

6:00 pm – Ate delicious chicken and veggie stir-fry (STIRSDAY!) made by my awesome dude. Watched the season three finale of ‘The Sopranos.’ Working our way back through that amazing series…

7:00 pm – Present – Blogging, chatting, reading, ‘Say Yes to the Dress-ing’ (mydressshipstomorrowOMG), and NOT SNACKING.

What a 180 from yesterday!

Healthy, normal eating = healthy, normal lady. And even more importantly: happy, calm, sane lady.

What makes you feel calm when the world (or your own habits!) make you crazy?


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