Moving Forward




The last couple weeks have been…challenging.  Between the bike crunch and the emergence of (what I’m 99% sure is) posterior tibial tendinitis  I’ve been completely sidelined.  No activity, 10lbs of Motrin water retention, and yes, a couple sniffles.  The timing really couldn’t be worse. I had to drop out of the Hellyer 10k and the Oakland Half Marathon is just over two weeks away.

As frustrating as it is to be out of commission, I’ve made a long term commitment to this lifestyle.  That means a conservative approach to recovery.  After visiting the doctor, I followed her recommendation of no activity, 800mg of Ibuprofin 3 times a day, and frequent icing.   Over the weekend, I sang a series of concerts which required me to be on my feet wearing supportive (read: not at all attractive) shoes and the situation still seemed to improve daily.

My job is cool.

My job is cool.

If I couldn’t race, at least I could premiere some fantastic new choral music with my talented friends!

The plan was to take the Motrin and stay off the foot for a week.  I had so many unpleasant side effects from the ibuprofin/PMS combo that I discontinued it after five days, with the blessing of my doctor sister.  Kind of not sure when I’m going to shed this insane weight that I’ve gained but I’m trying not to focus on that.

One day shy of a week (Wednesday), I returned to Dailey Method and indoor cycling.  I was fully prepared to immediately suspend activity if my foot flared up but it didn’t!  My TDM instructor, Cat, was wonderfully accommodating and even changed the thigh work set to something that wouldn’t require me to put my weight on one foot.  I was SO relieved that I got through the class without any discomfort.  I felt a bit of stretching in the foot but I also have to remember that I’m HIGHLY attuned to that area right now and it’s also been out of use for two weeks, the longest period of time in over a year.  I followed TDM with 17 miles on the stationary bike at the gym.  It felt absolutely amazing to use my body again.  After some really unpleasant emotions, I actually felt like myself again.

Woke up feeling good and sore.  I went to a super intense TDM express class and then headed back to the gym.  My plan was to bike for about 30 minutes and then do a 30 minute walking test on the treadmill.  I read that a good benchmark for returning to running is if you can walk for 30 minutes pain-free.  I had exactly two twinges of sensation that I wouldn’t describe as “pain” but was certainly unique to the affected area of the recovering foot.  I’d say that it’s 98.7% normal and 100% pain-free.

Today is a much needed rest day.  Turns out, when you return to working out after two weeks, IT HURTS.

Tomorrow……..I attempt a run.



4 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Paulette says:

    Glad to hear it! Hang in there, listening to the body is the right thing to do.

  2. Clair says:

    Good luck! Injuries stink, and I hope you’re fully recovered.

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