Houston, we have a problem.

20130222-083704.jpgThe only use I have for vegetables.

On Tuesday, I fought through a debilitating case of the “IDON’TWANNAAAAAAA”s and had an awesome tempo run.

20130222-084147.jpgIs it still a “tempo” run if your tummy forces you into a beachside toilet shack halfway through? Excellent. I thought so too.

At a couple points, I felt a bit of sensation in my right foot. Nothing that concerned me. I was much more focused on not throwing up my heart and convincing my legs to keep pumping when they were over it.

I don’t remember feeling any discomfort immediately after the run. I stopped at the grocery store and with each step, my right instep and inner ankle told me more and more loudly that I shouldn’t put weight on it.

Visions of stress fractures dancing in my head, I took up residence on the couch with the frozen veggies. I was able to stay off it completely until a rehearsal that unfortunately required a lot of standing. I stood off the foot until my left leg screamed in protest. Then i sat like a crippled princess diva while everyone stood around me. #winning

Yesterday, I came home from teaching and iced. The gorgeous day mocked me. Even a bike ride felt risky.

I think my paranoia paid off as it feels pretty good today. The entire foot feels a little stiff but I can put all my body weight on it without any pain! It’s temping to test it today but I’m holding out hope for my long run (10mi). Thinking TDM today, longish ride tomorrow with a short run to test the foot and long run on Sunday!

So, why the pain?? Nothing happened so my instinct is that it was one run too many on my funfetti Asics. They’ve been amazing shoes for me and I was super MEGA LUCKY to get my hands on another pair (on sale!) since they’ve been replaced with a new, narrower model.

20130222-090422.jpgIt’s a Valentine’s MIRACLE!

Any foot injuries? How long do you stay off?


2 thoughts on “Ruh-Roh

  1. Jenn K says:

    Rolling your foot on a tennis ball helps with tightness 🙂

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