Today, I felt really, really GOOD.

Throwback to another VERY happy day.

Someday, I’ll learn to express myself…

Actually, I’ve felt really good for a couple weeks!  I’ve had more than a few days where I truly appreciated all the great little things about life.  Here are some of those little things that make me happy:

* My f*cking adorable cats.  I’m seriously a crazy cat lady and I totally embrace it.  Lola and Merlin are my folks.

Stop it, Lola.  Just stop it.

Stop it, Lola. Just stop it.

* The feeling of invincibility after a really great workout.  I’ve been challenging myself with more key runs (speed intervals, hills, and true tempo runs) and as hard as they are in the moment, I know my heart, lungs, legs, and MIND are stronger at the end of each one.  Serious glow both from the endorphins and the accomplishment of a daunting task.   The harder the workout, the better the day that follows!

Endorphin glow!

Endorphin glow!

* Deflating.  I’ve *finally* shed my holiday/hormone/cinnamon almonds weight and landed right back in the middle of my happy weight range.  I spent a couple very hormonal weeks feeling miserable and huge.  I ate too many things that perpetuated the cycle of crazy.  I wish I could eat refined sugar, dairy, and gluten without looking and behaving like a pregnant beast but I just can’t.  When I stick to protein, fruit, and veggies, I’m a happy, energetic, optimistic girl.  I’ve been eating this way for about two weeks and having excellent workouts.  Could I have finally found a nutritional balance?!

My awesome job.  I don’t write much about my work here.  It’s really, really great.  I’m a classical singer and while I still sing professionally and love it, my calling is as a voice teacher.  I have the pleasure of working with individual students of all ages and many schools and choral organizations.  The voice is endlessly fascinating and the people drawn to singing study are intelligent, creative, driven, and just plan wonderful.  Facilitating their growth not only as singers but as artists is a profound honor.  I also happen to have a very flexible schedule that leaves lots and lots of time for training and showering.

The future of my very special art form.  Cuties.

The future of my very special art form. Cuties.

* Love.  We’re coming up on 4 years.  Wedding dress ships 3/15.  Life is good.

This guy.  <3

This guy. ❤

*Riding my bike!  I’m pretty majorly into my bike right now.  Each ride gets better and better.  I really, really, really like the feeling of riding.  I sense that it’s the beginning of a long, fun journey.  It’s a huge relief to have reached the distance of my sprint tri already.  Every ride between now and June will just continue to build my confidence and love of being on wheels.

Happy FRED.

Happy FRED.

Life is good.  😀

What’s making you feel good these days??  Share the happy!


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