Bring it, Eleanor

I think I may have actually done something every day this week that scared me!

Monday: Okay, the week didn’t really start off that scary. I *did* go to TDM after running 7 miles and cycling almost 7 miles the day before. Class had the potential to be quite crappy. It wasn’t!

Tuesday: SPEEDWORK. ‘Nuff said. Oh and a brutal TDM class after. My thighs and calves called shenanigans.


Thursday: Hill workout. Feels like the worst speed work ever but in slow motion. Also kind of feels like Dailey Method thigh work done WHILE RUNNING. Either way, it’s intimidating and challenging. Oh, and horrible. And I went to actual Dailey Method after where I completely sweat through my purple Old Navy capris. So not sexy.

I did a lot of sweating on Thursday. Above is a sweat stain in the shape of Batman that I left on my front stoop. You’re so welcome.

Friday and Saturday: These were rest days but full of personal challenge. I headed up to a beautiful camp in the redwoods to work as a master voice teacher for several high school choirs. I worked with wonderful colleagues but for an introverted girl who has some anxiety in social situations, I was pretty nervous about spending a weekend away from my comfy routine. It went very well from both a teaching and social standpoint and I had a great time. Big success!

Amazing young singers keeping my art form alive. Inspiring.

Sunday: Today was my second double digit ride. I ventured onto actual roads (taking advantage of the completely empty Bay Area streets. Some sort of sporting match?) I’m going to write more about this ride but for now I’ll say that it was GREAT. I really enjoy cycling and each time I go out, I feel more skilled, safe, and confident!

Ooh! I also figured out how to work my standing floor pump, giving myself a flat in the process.

Hello new friend. How do you work? No, seriously. How?

Overall, an awesome week of fear domination!

What was the last thing you did that was scurry?


3 thoughts on “Bring it, Eleanor

  1. OMG! I gave myself a flat when trying to pump my tire too! And I can’t fix it because I can’t get the valve cap back off now! Oh thank god. I thought I was the only person who had ever done that! lolz… ;P

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