This is my first post from my phone! It’s going to be super short because typing on this thing makes me cray.

It’s the autocorrect. It doesn’t understand me. Though, it knew “cray”…

I’m still struggling with balanced nutrition. To that end, I’m experimenting with the gluten-free super grain quinoa!


I searched the Pinterests for keenwah recipes and discovered that it’s prepared kind of like salad. Dressings, yummy mix-ins, etc.

My beloved grilled some cilantro lime chicken ( I ❤ him) so I picked up some pico. I prepared the 'wa with chicken stock per the directions. Combined with the chicken and salsa, it was healthy and fairly tasty!


I don’t loooove the texture compared to barley or pasta but the potassium and lack of gluten are a good trade-off. Tonight, I combined it with pesto and salmon for another healthy and satisfying meal.

Wow, this was the quickest post I’ve ever written. Lovely! Back to Biggest Loser. I might have cried when they ran their 5K and a might have squeed when Biingo played baseball. LOVE.

Any quinoa lovers with great recipes to share?


3 thoughts on “Quinoa!

  1. loseitbig says:

    I love it but, I lack any recipes. I eat it any way I can get it. I have seen people make pancakes and cookies from it. I have no clue how.

  2. Anna says:

    Quinoa is on my to try list but because it looks like Couscous, I figured I have to use up the box I have of that first and then continue with this.
    Can you turn off the auto correction for your phone?

    • Shauna says:

      I just bought brown rice couscous to try next!

      I can but I need it for the useful times. I spent a week without it about a month ago and it made me even crazier. Siri basically rules my life.

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